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Rail and Trail around Humboldt Bay

I admit being nervous how the committee process would go.  As I told NCRA at their last meeting, what they came up with was very smart. Now we have a rail with trail process around the bay. This gives our area the political capital and economic benefits we need to implement the plan a single way could not. I knew that not all the ties needed to be replaced, and the rail did not need to be replaced, yet you naysayers would not listen. We can finally move forward now that the “squeeze” folks have quieted down. For those who continue to doubt normal maintenance can raise the rail-bed effectively for sea level rise, please understand NCRA already has done this as part of the rebuilding process. They raised the trestle down in Novato. On either side the track needed to  be raised to match the bridge.

I am a part of this process. I do not have a problem with putting a trail along side the rail. I do have a problem with removing the rail for a trail in these vital areas. We need the tourist train. The tourist train is about diversification of our economy.

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2012 Photos of Salmon, Oysters, Ales & Rails


Another wonderful fundraiser for both Timber Heritage Association and the Clark Museum! A great turnout, weather was not bad, and everyone enjoyed themselves. With a little more work, I think the dinning car could be made available for catered food. Imagine the tourist train running from Samoa to Eureka. Such a ride will attract many people to come and say another night, helping the local economy. During the Fourth of July, runs between Eureka and Arcata will bring our cities together using alternative transportation.

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