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Railroad Right of Way Clearing

Things needed and safety briefing. This is mainly so I don’t forget to tell people these things, just have to link back to here. I usually try and bring extra gloves, hard hats, hearing protection, and water. Marcus usually brings three to four heavy duty weed whackers, plus spare blades, and hearing protection.

Please bring if you got;

  • long sleeve shirts, to protect from the briers
  • pants
  • gloves, protect against blisters, and briers
  • hearing protection
  • eye protection, glasses, safety glasses, or a face shield
  • hard hat
  • lunch and water.
  • mower, either old, or brush type. Makes quick work of low lying stuff
  • chipper
  • heavy duty weed whacker, the type you can mount a blade with is best. The best blade is the table saw type meant for weeds.
  • pix axe
  • chain saw
  • screwdriver
  • crescent wrench

Safety Briefing

  •  Don’t go behind someone and tap them on the shoulder. They can be startled that way, and turn around and slice you. From a distance that is out of their reach, including their machine, wave to them, or use a small pebble.
  • A dull blade is a dangerous blade. People tend to use more force than necessary when the blade is dull, causing accidents. Change the blade out if you hit something.
  • Keep Spread out
  • I bring the machine up to full speed, then whack at the object, the saw type blades will go through pretty thick branches, trees
  • Use gravity to help you cut through thick material.
  • Avoid hitting the rail, or stones. They will dull the blade the instant you hit the. If you d0, change the blade.


You have done a great job so far. Worked on the section between where you stopped and the causeway. Soon you will be at the “cut” by the church that has not been tackled for about 10years. Bring you big chain saws. Left the pine in the middle of the rails, maybe someone can use it for a Christmas tree.

Comment by John A

How far did you get? I wasn’t expecting anyone out there. I’ll have to take a look, and update the map.

Comment by capdiamont

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

What don’t you agree with?

Comment by capdiamont

Cap what all are you trying to to accomplish? I want the rail road up and running as much as anybody, but shouldn’t that be a job for the rail authority? Also isn’t there severe damage to the railroad somewhere in eureka?

Comment by Bob Dole

I want to help put together a Rail-Bike Contest. I will put $100.00 american, towards the prise money, and all of my time and effort in to it. You have had heard of or maybe even seen Bicycles that are made to ride on rail road tracks. There will be a compitition and rules to win, in order to draw interest. I believe that this will help generate simpathy for opening up the tracks. I believe that humboldt county culture is the sort that would love to ride the rails on people power. Please tell me what you think.

Comment by Thomas Savino

The damage around Eureka.

The levee south of Eureka was washed out. Now repaired. The contract however wasn’t to pull the rails back in to place.

A few crossings in Eureka have been paved over.

The fence across the ROW at the Balloon track.

Jacoby creek bridge needs to be replaced, fine for speeders, other light trains.

Fix a few crossings in Arcata and your around. To Samoa Side. There you have heavy brush. Same with South of Eureka.

Comment by capdiamont

Bob, problem is they are concentrating on the south end. We want to be able to inspect, and run on the tracks asap.

Thomas. I’ll bring this up.

Comment by capdiamont

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