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Marin County Judge Lays Smack Down on NCRA Opponents

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Judge to dismiss suit against North Coast rail service

Environmental groups cannot use state law to block the resumption of freight rail service on the North Coast, a Marin County judge tentatively ruled Tuesday.

Judge Roy O. Chernus said that federal law preempts state law in matters relating to railroads, so environmental groups could not sue the North Coast Railroad Authority over deficiencies in an environmental impact report that it prepared under state law using state money.

The state law “mandates a time-consuming review which may result in indefinite delays and unduly interfere with exclusive federal jurisdiction over rail transportation” by giving local officials power to block operations on environmental grounds, the judge wrote.

Ouch! This is what I have said for a long time. This also calls in to question Novato’s lawsuit and settlement. Maybe NCRA can get some money back from that city and the county of Marin.

Watch soon for Hank Sims to write another rant against the railroad and bearing his teeth. The troll or trolls will do the same with the comments on here.

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Save the Drakes Bay Oyster Co
Sunday 9 Dec 2012, 09:24
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There is an insanity to the decision to not renew the lease. Forty percent of the oysters in California are produced there. Thirty jobs. Yet in the same decision the ranches are allowed to stay in this “pristine” area. Yes they should stay, but so should the oyster business. Even the creators of the original bill stated it was never the intent to close down these businesses. Oysters filter the water and make it cleaner. Yet though a convoluted process aided by junk science, the decision was to not allow the renewal of their lease. The aftermath is importing of oysters in to the area using planes according to one retail shop. That does not strike me as very environmental. The other thing to consider is existing oyster beds are under threat due to pollution and acidification.

Please sign the petition to save this important part of California. As of today there is 3k signers.

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Talk about Trolley system in Marin getting more serious
Friday 30 Nov 2012, 05:47
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Funding for a feasibility study is being pursued. Looks like a connection to all the Marin ferries.

Marin Voice OpEd Electric trolleys are a viable transit option in Marin

Pacific Sun article the group’s website. Check out the presentation for a map of the proposed lines.


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First load of concrete ties delivered for SMART in Santa Rosa

Despite Patty Clary of Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs) being quoted, in the NEC paper that the railroad is required to use creosoted ties for construction. The first load of concrete ties were delivered today in Santa Rosa for the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART). This will reduce needed maintenance. This, for those who may not know, is the same line NCRA/NWP use.

BTW, dear Patty Clary, this was not the first time alternatives to the traditional creosoted tie were used on this railroad. On the Ridgewood pass, alternatives were tried.

Update: Two videos already posted.

Also, lying about alternatives the railroad could be using, does not help the democratic process.

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SMART DMUs will be delivered next year
Monday 20 Feb 2012, 05:16
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Santa Rosa Press Democrat

The cars have passed the crash test for use with freight(NCRA/NWP). The shells were and are built in Japan. Over sixty percent of the work will be done in Illinois. Then they will be transported over the rail network to be delivered by NWP. These cars and the new petaluma bridge will generate additional revenue for NWP/NCRA.

The new Haystack bridge in Petaluma was bought from Texas. SMART did a smart move with buying that bridge. Train speeds will be higher, the channel will be wider, and will save about thirty million over the long haul. Barge operators will be happier with the wider channel.

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RepealSMART died last Monday

3rd editorial on the utter failure of RepealSMART

Not enough signatures to even bother with the verification of votes. They needed 14,9xx votes plus thirty percent per RepealSMART. They turned in 14,5xx signatures even after paying people to get signatures. They cannot even go to court over that amount. That is six months worth of effort.

There is talk of a second attempt at repeal. Even if successful, it will accomplish nothing. The money will be released soon for construction, committing the money to the project.

SMART to have computer aided control
Sunday 22 Jan 2012, 08:53
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SMART system to depend on computer-aided routing

Also using GPS to aid in location biased control

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