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THA Speeder Ride Season starting this Saturday and illegal dump cleaned up
Friday 21 Jun 2013, 03:45
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First the dump cleanup. Timber Heritage Association volunteers drove hundreds of miles to to pick up and drop off the dump truck from the active part of the railroad. They also drove that railroad capable dump truck back and forth on the railroad to get the trash out of the inaccessible area between Loleta and Fernbridge. So with much help NCRA, NWP, THA, Eel River Resource Recovery, SWAP, Humboldt County, Wendt Construction, CCC, High Rock Conservation Camp, and many volunteers the area was cleaned up. Besides the dump truck, two excavator were used. One was used to load the dump truck, and the other was used load the four large disposal bins that Eel River Resource Recovery donated. We should be proud how much Eel River Resource Recovery does to help cleanup our area.

Humboldt Beacon Article on Cleanup

Speeder Crewcar rides start up this Saturday! What a great way to get a different view of Humboldt Bay and to learn a bit of our history.


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Rail and Trail around Humboldt Bay

I admit being nervous how the committee process would go.  As I told NCRA at their last meeting, what they came up with was very smart. Now we have a rail with trail process around the bay. This gives our area the political capital and economic benefits we need to implement the plan a single way could not. I knew that not all the ties needed to be replaced, and the rail did not need to be replaced, yet you naysayers would not listen. We can finally move forward now that the “squeeze” folks have quieted down. For those who continue to doubt normal maintenance can raise the rail-bed effectively for sea level rise, please understand NCRA already has done this as part of the rebuilding process. They raised the trestle down in Novato. On either side the track needed to  be raised to match the bridge.

I am a part of this process. I do not have a problem with putting a trail along side the rail. I do have a problem with removing the rail for a trail in these vital areas. We need the tourist train. The tourist train is about diversification of our economy.

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Nearly a year since the post on THA and Mr. Wilson
Tuesday 16 Oct 2012, 07:26
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The last post done in Nov of last year on this subject. Think about it, nearly a year has gone by since I got so frustrated with how long it was taking to build the fence and lease negotiations. There was even an article in the Times Standard before my post. The fence needs to be repaired to protect what the Harbor District calls the oldest Roundhouse on the West Coast. There is only three roundhouses on the West Coast. You would think the Harbor District would want to work quickly to protect these buildings. The notice for the fence was put up nearly a year ago. My other post on the subject. There is something seriously wrong when you cannot build a fence by now.

Long term lease is still up in the air. Both lease negotiators are trails folks. My opinion is by encumbering Timber Heritage Association, it makes THA look like they cannot carry out enough to need the Arcata to Eureka right of way(ROW). Thus speeding up their trails. Either that or the Arcata 805/08:05 club is pulling strings.


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Salmon, Oysters, Ales & Rails this Saturday
Thursday 23 Aug 2012, 09:03
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Plus speeder rides all day. The three newest passenger cars have been cleaned up, and will be lit for visitors enjoyment!

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Samoa Speeder rides this Saturday

Speeder Crew Car rides this coming Saturday, 6/23 from 9:00 to 4:00 out in Samoa!!! There are plenty of spaces/seats available with the purchase of a one-day Hammond Club membership.


Mr Wilson and THA part 2
Sunday 27 Nov 2011, 05:11
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A part of democracy is the citizens right to Speak against government however, whenever, they want. You Mr Wilson are a leader of the commissioners, are directly responsible for the these lease terms. Do not be angry at citizens for exercising their right. Nor should you be angry at a group because a member decides to directly exercise their rights. Elected officials are supposed to be servants of the public, not rulers over them.

I do not like many of the new terms stated for the new lease. In fact, I think some of them directly infringe on my right to free speech.

By the new terms, there is prohibitions on Timber Heritage Association advertising various things. Do not dare to think you can restrict what I say one iota. I will be sending a email to EFF for legal advice on what I view as a restriction on my free speech.

The new terms say THA isn’t allowed to call the museum site a museum. That THA is prohibited from advertising that the Falk is in the roundhouse once it is moved to the spot the A&MR speeder was. For those who don’t know, the speeder is the small bright orange thing in the header photo of my blog. THA is not allowed to advertise the days the site is open to the public.

THA is not allowed to have members of the public park on the grounds. This was done in the past to allow the disabled and elderly a chance to see the site. Instead they have to walk over uneven ground for a good distance. That ground is not allowed to be improved. Those people will not have the opportunity to visit the artifacts if this is kept.

This site needs to be an unencumbered museum as soon as possible.

Dear Humboldt Bay Harbor District
Monday 21 Nov 2011, 07:05
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This is my blog. These are my opinions. I will not be silenced. I have the right to speak against government actions that I think is unfair. I do not have to speak through a representative to talk to you even if I am part of that group. This is what we call freedom of speech. This is afforded to each and every person within your district.

It seems I have angered you. Good. I am angered by what should be a quick and easy lease process. Although I know this by hearing this second in a third hand sort of way.

People needed to know your rantings of how it isn’t a museum but a storage site. People needed to know about difficulties.

I finally saw a notice today on the fence about replacing it. I’m guessing next year, there will actually be a new fence.

People need to understand, you are threatening to kick out Timber Heritage Association. That is why you required THA to get a MOU from NCRA about storing the locomotives on the mainline.

I expect better out of my government. The fact is THA has saved these buildings. This is the best use of these buildings. This property needs to be given to THA. Barring that, THA needs an unencumbered long term lease to operate as a museum.

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