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Rail and Trail around Humboldt Bay

I admit being nervous how the committee process would go.  As I told NCRA at their last meeting, what they came up with was very smart. Now we have a rail with trail process around the bay. This gives our area the political capital and economic benefits we need to implement the plan a single way could not. I knew that not all the ties needed to be replaced, and the rail did not need to be replaced, yet you naysayers would not listen. We can finally move forward now that the “squeeze” folks have quieted down. For those who continue to doubt normal maintenance can raise the rail-bed effectively for sea level rise, please understand NCRA already has done this as part of the rebuilding process. They raised the trestle down in Novato. On either side the track needed to  be raised to match the bridge.

I am a part of this process. I do not have a problem with putting a trail along side the rail. I do have a problem with removing the rail for a trail in these vital areas. We need the tourist train. The tourist train is about diversification of our economy.

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Kinetic Sculpture race 2012 – Manila Community Center
Saturday 26 May 2012, 06:20
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Just a fun day today. Nice gathering, and it helped to wear out my little one.  I was not helping the Ham/Amateur Radio Group today.  They were using the 146.850MHz repeater today. Tomorrow, and Monday they will be using the Far West Repeater Association Network. That means Southern Humboldt, and as far west as the Dinsmore area will be able to directly hear what is going on.

Arcata Eye: How That Cute Li’l Speeder Helped Open Up A Can(yon) Of Worms
Friday 20 Aug 2010, 07:23
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As a demonstration how environmentalists can complain about every little thing, the usual groups have gotten together to pen a hilarious, over the top, and completely removed from realty letter.

The reality is very, very little work was done. The ballast work was simply moving it from one side of the track to another. No new ballast was used. To correct the driveway analogy, it is more akin to moving gravel a few feet on your driveway to fill in a pot hole, than anything else. As far as safety concerns, we had already passed over the bridges with zero deflection. Speeder doesn’t weigh much, even with people

The nice, balanced article by The Arcata Eye is here.

Local NWP area railroad news and grumble type mood.

I’ve delayed this, because of being in a grumble type mood. Now I need to reboot the browser, and computer for updates, so I might as well deal with it.

I and others, were trying to get a 4th of July speeder run in Eureka for this year, working it out for weeks. Heck, it was thought of last year, but was rejected. Something about overwhelming crowds back then.

Lets review the area that we wanted to give rides. The loading area would be Humboldt Towing at the northern end of 1st st., so that we would be connected to the crowds of downtown, and not block much of 1st st. The Northern end of the ride would be just south of T st. crossing. As far as getting it ready, there is no brush in the way, clear a bit of the flange ways, cut flange ways out of wood in one crossing, and cut some wimpy stumps that grew next to the rails. You couldn’t ask for an easier new riding area for a speeder. You couldn’t ask for a nicer way to get in the public’s mind.

Just a simple little ride, generating good pr, having fun, and generating a little revenue. No advertising, for it was a bit late for that, just a few signs around downtown pointing the way or so.

Except that isn’t what happened. Instead I got the full force of the political, lazy answers. Excuses ranges from the stumps,to paved over crossing, to permits needed, to lack of transportation due to somebody being out-of-town. The stump would have taken one person a max of 1/2 day to take care of. It isn’t like you have a full tree to take care of, and we have dealt with plenty of stumps next to the rails on the Samoa side. There is no paved over crossing, the closest one that fits that description is the one just north of Humboldt towing. Just take a chainsaw to the wood, and cut a small grove for the flanges. Eureka city engineering didn’t get back to me on that one. Talking to Eureka city clerk, no permits needed. Nice person BTW. Transportation could have been overcome, by having Humboldt Towing, or another towing company put it on a flat-bed. I’m sure I could have even borrowed or rented something big enough to haul it.

But nope, it got shot down to the point, even a static display was given the big NO from the board meeting. No means to appeal the decision, heck I didn’t even know the idea would be voted on. Well it is time to revamp the by-laws.

Enough of the rant.

The speeder rides this year have the new trailer to about double the capacity of the rides. And will have a special run in the beginning of Aug from Arcata and will be longer rides.

Pacific Lumber Speeder ride opens to public in Humboldt County

More seats available for ‘Riding the Rail’

”Riding the Rails” speeders now can carry 26 people. A donation of $7 for adults, $6 for seniors and $4 for children under 8 is requested from guests. Children riding on the lap require no tickets.

Rides start this coming Saturday, and continue on July 24, Aug. 28 and Sept. 25 for a 20-minute ride between Samoa and Manila beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. The Timber Heritage Association will have a special longer ride along the U.S. Highway 101 corridor on Aug. 7 with a higher donation of $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and $8 for children under 8. Tickets and reservations can be made online at Potential guests may call 442-3073 for reservations and information.

SamoaSoftball blog: has Eureka Southern excursion train blast from the past video.

SRPD: Freight trains at least 3 months away

Basically looking at around Oct of this year if things go well for freight trains on the NWP.

MIJ: Editorial, don’t cut the SMART bike path.

SMART, the commuter train on the southern end of the NWP faces $155 million. The debate is how to go about things with building the line. The shortfall is due to the economy, lack of money coming from NCRA because of the freight trains not running, and new safety requirement. So what gets cut out, or delayed? General choices is hope for better economy, federal grants(etc), bike trail, or

2010 Timber Heritage Speeder rides
Monday 14 Jun 2010, 07:04
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Timber Heritage Association 2010 Speeder rides

one hour rides # 9:00 – 4:00 # higher suggested donation
go to
& select date, time, number of passengers, make
credit card donation to reserve your tickets
$7.00 suggested donation for adults, $6.00 for seniors (62+),
$4.00 for children (12 & under with an adult)
rides on the hour or half hour 9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
for those without internet access, call 442-3073 and leave contact information

Other possible runs is 4th of July in Eureka to the bridge north of Eureka, and in Fortuna for a special event there.

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Next NCRA meeting agenda, Humboldt County BOS 10:30am

Wednesday, March 10, 2010~ 10:30 a.m.
Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Chambers
825 5th Street, Eureka
Humboldt County
All items appearing on the agenda are subject to action by the Board of Directors. Staff recommendations are subject to action by the Board of
Directors. Staff recommendations are subject to change by the Board.
Comments will be limited to three minutes per person and not more than ten minutes per subject, so that everyone can
be heard. “Public comment” time is limited to matters under the jurisdiction of the Authority that may not have been
considered by the Authority previously and are not on the agenda. No action will be taken. Members of the public may
also comment during specific agenda items when recognized by the Chair.
1. Spencer Clifton – Annie & Mary Trail Update
2. Karen Diemer – Arcata to Bracut Trail Update
3. Gerry Tomczak – Timber Heritage Association Update
F. DISCUSSION ITEMS (no action required)
1. Status of Lombard-Windsor Repair Project – Lifting of Emergency Order 21
2. Status of RRIF Loan
3. Status of November 5, 2009 Russian River Division EIR
4. SMART/NCRA Revised Operating Agreement
5. Sale of the Ukiah Depot
6. NCRA/SMART Joint Use of $8.6 mil. in ISTEA Funds
7. April 7/8 CTC Meeting
8. Novato Consent Decree
1. Approval of Minutes – Regular Board Meeting – February 13, 2010
2. Acceptance of Minutes – Finance Committee Meeting – January 10, 2010
3. Acceptance of Minutes – Finance Committee Meeting – February 10, 2010
4. Acceptance of Sonoma County Financial Statements – February 2010
5. Acceptance of NCRA Financial Statements – February 2010
6. Approval of Warrants Issued – Agency 787010 – February 2010
7. Approval of Cal Card Statement – February 2010
1. NWP Co. – John Williams
1. C.J.Neary
Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to Govt. Code Section 54956.9(c) one case
Govt. Code Section 54956.8
Property – Ukiah Depot Property
Negotiating Parties – Caltrans, City of Ukiah, County of Mendocino, Weston
Solutions, Union Pacific Railroad
Under Negotiation – regulatory matters, existing and potential contractual matters,
price, payment, terms
Agency Negotiators – C.J. Neary, Mitch Stogner
April 14, 2010 – 10:30 a.m.
Corte Madera Best Western – Terrace Suite
56 Madera Blvd.
Corte Madera
Marin County

Looks like there is a little bit for everybody.

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THA news, and 2010 Speeder Schedule
Saturday 16 Jan 2010, 10:22
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Speeder ride schedule for 2010;

At the Jan. 26, 2010 THA board meeting the board voted on the following tentative dates for 2010 speeder operations on Saturdays originating at Samoa:

June 26, July 24, August 28, and September 25.

A special day of rides down the 101 Corridor between Arcata and Eureka is tentatively planned for August 7.

Training for the Special Operations Crews is tentatively scheduled for Saturday May 29 and June 5.

Other ride days may be scheduled, but are not planned at this time.

No reservations are being accepted at this time. An on-line reservations system is being considered.

Two Saturdays ago;

Ok it has been a while since I’ve been down to the roundhouse complex.

Track has been laid for the passenger cars. The actual move of the cars has been delayed due to weather.

The 2nd speeder that is being converted in to a trailer for hauling passengers, has been gutted out.

Yesterday the logger shed was fixed up to store flammables away from the main buildings. I was able to check out the speeder trailer. I like it. It is all steel with angle iron as short corner posts.

Electricity was restored to the boiler shop under the supervision of Rod and other skilled, professional electricians that volunteered their time.

Humboldt Beacon: Pacific Lumber caboose purchased as memorial: Wooden car a remnant of a vibrant past

The red caboose in Scotia will soon be moving to a new home. The Pacific Lumber Company #5 wooden caboose, parked next to the Fire Hall in Scotia, will soon be moving to the roundhouse in Samoa, and joining the Timber Heritage Association (THA) collection.

The passenger car’s haven’t been delivered yet due to weather. The track has been assembled to put them on.

The conversion of an old crew speeder in to a passenger trailer, is going smoothly. This Saturday they should be sandblasting the frame, to get it ready to paint. The reason this speeder was chosen, was engine on this one was in poor shape, yet the body was in good shape. Modifications are done with the intent of still being able to restore the speeder to former, self-powered glory.

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