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Election night

The results were disappointing for the most part.

The stupid GMO was defeated. We have too many costs for everything, that just get passed on to the consumer, like the egg thing.

The death penalty repeal has been rightfully defeated. The irony of the situation is we are supposed to care about people who did not care how their victims died.

Three Strikes reform was passed.

With those I can feel pretty good.

Can anybody translate, “Cap, I think every one election picks lost Well done!”

I spent the night at the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club meeting. First half was business, where I brought up Harbor District’s proposed RV park on Woodley Island. I brought it up because that is where field day is held twice a year. The grass areas would be replaced with RV spots, eliminating any place to set up the antennas. The idea is to practice establishing global contacts in case of disaster. The nice thing about that spot is the public exposure. Some Hams like that spot, others are like we can move anywhere.

Second half was an interesting presentation by WWII Navy Photographer. He served in the Pacific theater. He photographed the Aleutian Islands Campaign, Bikini Atoll Nuclear tests, and Antarctic coastline. The Aleutian Islands Campaign is where Japan invaded, and occupied part of Alaska. one of the photographs he had from the air showed a bomb dropping in the Aleutian islands Campaign. Here was a person who witnessed the Bikini Atoll tests and walked on the ships after they were bombed. The did not know about radiation back then. I never thought I would ever meat someone who has done so much and has done these things.

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Nearly a year since the post on THA and Mr. Wilson
Tuesday 16 Oct 2012, 07:26
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The last post done in Nov of last year on this subject. Think about it, nearly a year has gone by since I got so frustrated with how long it was taking to build the fence and lease negotiations. There was even an article in the Times Standard before my post. The fence needs to be repaired to protect what the Harbor District calls the oldest Roundhouse on the West Coast. There is only three roundhouses on the West Coast. You would think the Harbor District would want to work quickly to protect these buildings. The notice for the fence was put up nearly a year ago. My other post on the subject. There is something seriously wrong when you cannot build a fence by now.

Long term lease is still up in the air. Both lease negotiators are trails folks. My opinion is by encumbering Timber Heritage Association, it makes THA look like they cannot carry out enough to need the Arcata to Eureka right of way(ROW). Thus speeding up their trails. Either that or the Arcata 805/08:05 club is pulling strings.


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Kinetic Sculpture race 2012 – Eureka – Just after entering bay
Sunday 27 May 2012, 02:39
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We had to bail on this location, before they all went through.

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Harbor District Meeting 15 Dec 2011 and railroad going east
Friday 16 Dec 2011, 12:09
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It was said by Pete O. that investors are willing to invest up to one billion in a railroad to the outside, if there is sufficient support from Public Officials. Also interesting is the Wyott Tribe wanting to get more involved in local economic items such as the harbor, and railroad.

O Kern started surveying the railroad route to the east four years ago biased on field notes done in 1909.

Majority of the comments are in favor of the railroad route east. One person questioned how the route would affect the A&MR trail.

Unanimous vote for the Marine Highway access. I’m happy with the vote. I want the east-west route to be studied, it just was brought up too late for this round. Also there will be opposition to the railroad, making it likely we could lose the money due to delays. Wilson volunteered to work with HSU to do a study for the east-west route. Also looks like some of the money will be able to be used to fix some of the parcel lines. For those who don’t know, the parcel lines go through the car shop, machine shop, Maritime Museum, and Cookhouse. It is an interesting mess.

Mr Wilson and THA part 2
Sunday 27 Nov 2011, 05:11
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A part of democracy is the citizens right to Speak against government however, whenever, they want. You Mr Wilson are a leader of the commissioners, are directly responsible for the these lease terms. Do not be angry at citizens for exercising their right. Nor should you be angry at a group because a member decides to directly exercise their rights. Elected officials are supposed to be servants of the public, not rulers over them.

I do not like many of the new terms stated for the new lease. In fact, I think some of them directly infringe on my right to free speech.

By the new terms, there is prohibitions on Timber Heritage Association advertising various things. Do not dare to think you can restrict what I say one iota. I will be sending a email to EFF for legal advice on what I view as a restriction on my free speech.

The new terms say THA isn’t allowed to call the museum site a museum. That THA is prohibited from advertising that the Falk is in the roundhouse once it is moved to the spot the A&MR speeder was. For those who don’t know, the speeder is the small bright orange thing in the header photo of my blog. THA is not allowed to advertise the days the site is open to the public.

THA is not allowed to have members of the public park on the grounds. This was done in the past to allow the disabled and elderly a chance to see the site. Instead they have to walk over uneven ground for a good distance. That ground is not allowed to be improved. Those people will not have the opportunity to visit the artifacts if this is kept.

This site needs to be an unencumbered museum as soon as possible.

Dear Humboldt Bay Harbor District
Monday 21 Nov 2011, 07:05
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This is my blog. These are my opinions. I will not be silenced. I have the right to speak against government actions that I think is unfair. I do not have to speak through a representative to talk to you even if I am part of that group. This is what we call freedom of speech. This is afforded to each and every person within your district.

It seems I have angered you. Good. I am angered by what should be a quick and easy lease process. Although I know this by hearing this second in a third hand sort of way.

People needed to know your rantings of how it isn’t a museum but a storage site. People needed to know about difficulties.

I finally saw a notice today on the fence about replacing it. I’m guessing next year, there will actually be a new fence.

People need to understand, you are threatening to kick out Timber Heritage Association. That is why you required THA to get a MOU from NCRA about storing the locomotives on the mainline.

I expect better out of my government. The fact is THA has saved these buildings. This is the best use of these buildings. This property needs to be given to THA. Barring that, THA needs an unencumbered long term lease to operate as a museum.

Mr Wilson and THA
Thursday 10 Nov 2011, 01:35
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Time has come to move Timber Heritage Association artifacts out of fields landing. The land has been sold. It has been nice to be able to store the stuff there. THA needs about two acres of land to store it on by 1 Jan 2012 or it looks to be scrapped. Plus equipment to haul the big stuff.

For those following along the THA happenings. You are probably wondering why not take it to the Samoa site THA currently has. The answer is The Harbor District’s position is it is a limited storage place, not a museum. Any changes such as new security cameras, or outside artifacts must be approved after long negations and many stipulations. Negations have broken down.

The history of the site was lumber mill and railroad related buildings from the 1890’s. Along the way the site was donated to the Harbor District and the Redwood Dock study stated the best use of the property was Timber Heritage Museum. The buildings have gone from being severely neglected with rain pouring through the roofs to new roofs with rotted wood being replaced. One roof was collapsed. It is nice having skilled workers to see such projects. Those fixing up projects are in Lou of payment for a year to year lease. Though the actual price is above normal industrial sites. Though there is no water or real bathrooms yet.

Worse yet, the Harbor District has failed to yet to do normal landlord duties such as fixing the fence that allowed people to vandalize artifacts and other equipment. The Harbor District has yet to do any site survey for residue toxics such as from fuel tanks on site or dioxin. Do they not care about the environment? The Harbor District does have insurance on the property to do the clean up.

THA needs to be given the property to operate as a museum to generate revenue for both THA and the local economy. Once the property is THA’s hands for the long term, they can seek grants to further fix the site, artifacts, and equipment. This is a simple way to generate jobs. At one time the commissioners were talking of giving the property.

Timber Heritage Museum needs people to call and email the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District expressing support. 707-443-0801, fax 707-443-0800.

As always this is my opinion. This is my blog.

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