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I owe nothing to you Hank
Saturday 20 Oct 2012, 06:55
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I have viewed your website more than enough with ads on to make up for the little amount of time it took  to add my blog to the list. I have suffered with your ads obnoxiously covering the recent comments, scrolling with the page. Even when I got them to go away, they came right back.

The irony is you only knew what I did because I said so. You do not know if anyone else is using an ad blocker on the list of Humboldt Blogs. With your idea, I should be grateful to Google, Yahoo, etc and gleefully accept ads with their faults. I should be grateful for the ads on mobile devices, even though it uses battery power faster.

No. I guess you can say I am tired of the ads like others are tired of the billboards along Humboldt Bay. Having dealt with computers since the Atari days. I find it ridiculous to have four gigs of memory with the browser still running slow, because of ads, scripts, add on, etc.

You took my blog off once before. You said it was because my percentage of Humboldt stuff was below fifty percent. I counted my stuff, and most of it was Humboldt. Still you did not want to put it back.  There is two blogs who, at times below fifty percent.  It does not matter to you. I think even if I do get back on, another unwritten rule will be used.  I am not sure I see the value of a list if it is administered unfairly and does not have all Humboldt Blogs.

I pointed you in the right direction to fix your water heater. I tried helping you with info on East-West rail. So no I do not owe you.  I am glad when I am listed. I know you think I am beneath you. I do not care.


Built external battery pack for HT
Saturday 11 Aug 2012, 05:36
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Originally it was just a eight cell “D” battery holder for an old digital camera. Then it was a 12v power supply for projects. I have a Lithium-ion and a “AAA” battery holder for my handheld transceiver(HT).  I like to run both voice and APRS on the radio at the same time at the high power setting. That efficiently means for a day’s worth of running around, I have to use both, and make sure I remember to switch battery types in the menus of the radio. I could reduce to Milli-Watt range if there was more coverage. That would save on the power consumption, distances prevent that.

The Lithium-ion has a rating of 1,800mAh, and the “AAA” batteries 1,000mAh. The radio does have a DC jack which says 13.5v and I run it off the car’s 12v nominal system. Being the long unused battery pack gave 12v(8*1.5v) at 12,000mAh, I figured it should work fine for powering the radio. I also had a camera case I was given, that sat unused.  A test proved the battery-pack fit the camera case. I was thinking of direct connecting a wire with the right plug to the battery case. Then I thought it would be nice to quickly change connections and be able to charge my phone. That meant using a cigarette lighter jack, and as  a bonus an in-line fuse.

I cut the wire down to fit the case better. Assembled, and tested with the radio. Failure. The radio was continuously power cycling. No attempt to transmit was possible. Grumble. So add in another battery as a test. Good. Run to Radio Shack for a one “D” cell battery holder. Test fit it in to the camera case was good. Wire up new combo, and test was good! The blue stuff you see is Sugru, a nice air curing rubber like substance. I used it to stick the new battery holder on to the old one, plus insulate the positive wires  to prevent shorts. I love that stuff.
Reflections: The batteries fit a bit tight for the springs. Some batteries did not make contact at first. I figure with “D” cells I wouldn’t have to worry about carrying a charger.

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Living with the iPod Touch
Saturday 31 Jul 2010, 02:32
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I love tech. Never before can you be in touch with what is going on in the world. The other hand with an ability to know so much elsewhere, that around us drops off. I really would like the ability to easily filter out the news I don’t care about. The Mac has wonderful ways to do this, but it is still like programing. I just want to mouse click thinks together with blocks like the 12blocks gui environment for the Parallax Propeller chip.

So on to Apple’s iPod touch. Never before can so much be done in places people won’t bother you, such as a bath or on the toilet. As time has gone on, it has gotten better with ios upgrades. This last upgrade was free for the touch. Before that, apple liked to make touch users pay for upgrades. So now I can record voice memos if I have a mic attached, such as Apple’s newer headphones include. I can even use Dragon’s free speech to text app, as long as I’m connected to the net. The location feature now can find me in many places in Humboldt County reasonability good. That itself was a neat update. It used to be unable to find me at all in Humboldt County. I have used this in many places, sometimes as a flashlight, other times as a level.

The screen is showing spots from abuse. It has survived relatively well from a dunk in water except for the sound output.

I still wish for built in camera and mic. Overall it is very good.

Wireless Oligopoly Is Smother of Invention | Epicenter |
Tuesday 15 Jun 2010, 05:51
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Wireless Oligopoly Is Smother of Invention | Epicenter |

If the people who brought us television had played by the same rules that today’s wireless carriers impose — we’d probably all be listening to the radio.

Which is a nice way of saying the wireless industry — AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile — needs some ground rules that make clear they are common carriers that get the right to rent the airwaves by abiding by fair rules.

Tech support in Humboldt
Thursday 27 May 2010, 10:20
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It is amazing what people will say. For instance today a couple of interesting incidents.

A) Person went and asked how to charge their solar lights.

B) Another person wanted to have their computer’s cup holder fixed.

These are real people!

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That old copier still holds a picture of your backside
Tuesday 18 May 2010, 04:53
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The Federal Trade Commission wants to make sure the public knows an important truth: if you photocopy your butt on a modern copier, it’s probably still there, safe on the copier’s hard drive. It exists there along with medical forms, financial documents, and that list of gang members your police department was just about to arrest.

CBS News did a story last month on secrets kept by digital copiers. Most digital copiers produced in the last five years archive copied documents on internal hard drives, and those hard drives are easy enough to obtain once the copiers are resold or their lease expires. By examining the hard drives of several used copiers, CBS found “a list of targets in a major drug raid” from the Buffalo Police Narcotics Unit. It also scored Social Security numbers, medical documents, and “$40,000 in copied checks.”

via That old copier still holds a picture of your backside.

EFF: Forget cookies, your browser has fingerprints – Computerworld
Tuesday 18 May 2010, 07:10
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Even without cookies, popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox give Web sites enough information to get a unique picture of their visitors about 94 percent of the time, according to research compiled over the past few months by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

via EFF: Forget cookies, your browser has fingerprints – Computerworld.

to test this with your browser, run by EFF.

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