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I Love Freecycle and the Power Wheel 4×4
Thursday 25 Apr 2013, 06:56
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We managed to score a generic Power Wheels type of 4×4 off of Freecycle. It was noted that it did not work due to needing a relay. I dissembled it, only to find out there is no relay, only switches, LED battery monitor, and circuit breaker. Bypassed the circuit breaker as being one fault, the battery had a fuse on it anyways. The foot pedal switch was next in line of problems. I could not find a similar switch with the same power rating(Amps). I had an extra 40A DC solid state relay in my parts bin, so I just sugrued in a push button switch to control the SSR. Next was the direction and speed switch. It is just a shift style lever to the kid, but two DPDT switches under that. Neither one fully worked. Being I didn’t want to spend much time on it, I figure forward is good enough for now. Besides a H-bridge style setup with a microcontroller is needed to preserve the shift lever. I want to use a solid state magnetic switch setup for the shift lever detection. I can do it, I just do not want to send the time right now. At any rate, little one enjoys it.

I do not understand why people dump a lot of stuff when you got these great resources like free cycle. In southern Humboldt, someone dumped concrete blocks in the river. Why? You can gets lots of neat stuff. If you make good use of the resources available, you can really cut down your cost.

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BBC NEWS | Business | Nissan rolls out new electric car
Sunday 2 Aug 2009, 07:52
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The zero-emission hatchback vehicle, called Leaf, is set to go on sale in Japan, the US and Europe next year.

via BBC NEWS | Business | Nissan rolls out new electric car.

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Make: Online : Open source EV controller
Sunday 21 Jun 2009, 08:48
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Make: Online : Open source EV controller.

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Make: Online : Electric Cars Are For Girls
Thursday 28 May 2009, 08:10
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Make: Online : Electric Cars Are For Girls.

The idea here is that if you want to do an electric car conversion, but are not fully confident, you can join others and take an online course through the Electric Cars are for Girls site. The site is already a decent source for EV information. There is a good description of the project on Auto Blog Green:
Converting a liquid-fueled vehicle to electric drive is nothing new, but, if you’ve never done it before, then everything can be fresh and totally overwhelming. For those of you interested in trying a conversion project, the fine folks at Electric Cars Are For Girls are here to help. The site is getting ready to put EV conversion classes online using the same materials and demonstrations that they use in local classes. The project is called EV University, and they are currently running a survey to find out what would be most useful to home mechanics. The classes will include written materials, videos, lectures with slides and a chance to interact with the instructors. Help them out by taking the survey. If you want to help them out more, they are also looking for people to teach the courses.

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DailyTech – Report: Toyota Developing Solar-Powered Car
Sunday 4 Jan 2009, 12:02
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DailyTech – Report: Toyota Developing Solar-Powered Car.

I hope they follow through. The problem about most of the clean cars, and tech, is cost. Most regular people who need it, can’t afford it. Most can’t even get their foot in the door, to try.

AP: Tesla rolls out its long-awaited electric sports car
Monday 5 May 2008, 07:06
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Just need $100,000 to get one.

By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press Writer Fri May 2, 4:18 PM ET

LOS ANGELES – It’s safe to say Jeremy Snyder gets a charge out of the two-seat Tesla Roadster whenever he pulls one off the lot — and not because it’s equipped with an all-electric engine.

As he pulled one of the sleek new automobiles down a side street Thursday and put the pedal to the metal, its lithium-ion battery-powered engine didn’t give off sparks. It just emitted a powerful hum, something like a much quieter version of a jet taking off.

“Accelerate pretty good?” asked Snyder, head of client services for Tesla, who knew the answer.

“I call it a turbine sound,” he said of the sound. “Because it’s an electric motor it’s got 100 percent torque all the time. So it just pulls you like when you’re taking off in an airplane.”

After several years of development, the Roadster — with sleek lines like a Ferrari or Porsche and a sticker price of $109,000 — officially moves from the drawing boards to the market next week when Tesla’s first store opens. It’s near the University of California, Los Angeles, in the city’s toney Westwood neighborhood where Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Hollywood practically intersect.

“Because it’s Hollywood and glamorous, this is the flagship store,” Snyder said.

The next store is to open in a couple months near Tesla’s headquarters in the Silicon Valley city of San Carlos, where the car was developed with venture capital of more than $40 million from such investors as Google Inc. founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. More stores are planned for Chicago, New York and other cities by early next year.

Although a fully loaded model can set a buyer back as much as $124,000, that’s still cheap compared with a high-end Ferrari. And its 6,831-cell lithium-ion battery pack gives off no emissions.

The car goes from 0 to 60 mph in just under four seconds and tops out at 125 mph. It goes 225 miles on one charge and can be fully recharged in 3.5 hours, which Tesla officials say should allow most people to drive it to work and back and recharge it at night like a cell phone.

Driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, however, would require stopping in, say, Fresno and plugging its adapter cord into a motel room wall socket.

Some critics have expressed concerns about the durability and safety of the lithium-ion battery, which weighs about 1,000 pounds, more than a third of the entire weight of the 2,700-pound Roadster, whose body is made up of carbon fiber materials. Tesla officials respond that the car has passed all required safety tests. They say the battery should last for about 100,000 miles of driving.

The company, formed in 2003, is named for inventor Nikola Tesla, an early pioneer in the field of electricity. The people buying its cars so far, said national sales manager Doreen Allen, are celebrities, early adopters, wealthy people and environmentalists.

Tesla officials say Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, actors George Clooney and Kelsey Grammer and musicians and Flea have each ordered a Roadster.

It will be awhile before anyone can walk in and drive a Tesla home off a lot, however.

“Delivery is running about 15 months,” Allen said, adding the company was surprised by the demand.

Tesla began taking orders last year for the 600 Roadsters it planned to produce in 2008 and had sold all of them by October, Allen said. The first ones began rolling off the production line six weeks ago, and Allen said all of the 2008 models should be delivered to their owners by March of next year. The first ones should begin going out the door later this month.

Meanwhile, orders are being taken for 2009 models, with plans calling for production of about 1,500 cars.

Eventually Tesla also plans to produce cheaper, family vehicles.

“There’s a model in the works right now, a five-passenger sedan that will be styled comparable to the roadster but a lot roomier to accommodate families, and that is slated for 2010,” Snyder said.

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Railriding, another use for the tracks
Friday 25 Apr 2008, 09:04
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This 140lb railrider was powered with a $40 motor, and go up to 15 mph with two adults on it, as an after market. Motor was obtained from Electric Scooter, though I don’t see that motor.

The basic model costs just under $2,000.00, no motor, but makes a nice human powered vehicle. You can buy the wheels separately for just under $200.00.

One of my ideas is do something like this, add solar, maybe some collusion avoidance, and have people commute back and forth on the tracks. Relatively cheap, low noise, and low pollution.

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