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Problems with blogging
Wednesday 18 Nov 2009, 07:36
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Sorry about the infrequent blogging. I like to do my electronic stuff and blogging from a easy chair in the living room. Unfortunately, that is the time my cats decide it is their time to have my complete and undivided attention. This means I then must lean back in my chair, putting the laptop or project out of reach.

Then we have work around the house or whatever.

Things seem to be good with the baby so far.


It’s a boy, and other musings
Thursday 24 Sep 2009, 10:20
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I twitted about this a while back, but our baby is a boy. My wife allowed me to find out. The chances that it is a girl is much less with having identified it as a boy, than the reverse. Having the doctor who my wife worked for find, there it’s penis, on the arrowed ultrasound, made us feel better. Though every time, I look at it, I can’t tell a thing, let alone it’s thingy. Other pictures, looked like a skeleton, and not a baby. We didn’t get very good pictures last time, because every time, the tech would try, it would move. My wife doesn’t like her picture taken either, nor did her mother.

Stitch, our cat, that had a broken tail is 100% fine now.  Our Lamb is fighting us, to get in to the house. It is like she was bottle fed. Don’t worry though, they do have plenty of shelter. She has a voracious appetite, so we are missing a row of potato, and lettuce. It is like a zero cut backyard now. She has a good coat of wool already. A single squirrel has damaged most of our corn crop.

One of our cats, Little Bear will sleep outside all night long on a chair, even through light rain, or dew. Yet just try and give him a bath, and he will act like your murdering him.

WordPress has new grammar checking,as below. I turned them on, but there might be no help for me.

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Another CA budget casualty, waiting time for stray animals reduced to 3 days
Wednesday 16 Sep 2009, 09:50
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It still seems to be up to the animal shelter’s discression, but if they want, after three days, bye bye animal.

….a state decision to reduce the holding period before a stray animal can be euthanized from the current six days to three. The move is an attempt by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to reduce costs at shelters as California.

So have your pets microchipped, and check often at the local animal shelters if they do become lost.How this affects Humboldt, I have no idea.

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Ewe helper
Monday 29 Jun 2009, 07:34
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Finally got our ewe lamb yesterday from the redwood acres fair. cost was $140. Main reason was to knock down the grass. Poor girl was crying all night, so we tied her up by our house so not to bug the neighbors so much. Friendly thing, will follow us anywhere, including in to the house if we let her. Her and Smore seems to be getting friendlier this morning.

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Tuesday 28 Apr 2009, 07:32
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Smore is doing well, a bit more friendly, and adventurous. In fact he managed to squeeze under our new heavy duty fence, munch on all thirty raspberry plants, plus the Myer lemon tree. All were only in the ground a few days. One of our neighbors was nice enough to come over and rototiller the garden with his tractor.

Stitch has movement of most of his tail.

The bad news is we lost Sheba, our dog today. Looks like her and Mocha got in to a bad fight. She got a wound around the leg body area and in the chest. No idea what set things off. I’m not sure how Mister, our cat will take it. They have been together most of their lives. I was hoping she would of been around when our baby(ies) would of been born, if all goes well. She would of protected them with her life. She was a good companion, many walks, many places. She was the one I was with, when I discovered the address of the devil, that some person put in concrete, on top of an old post, at Fort Huachuca, AZ. My wife wants to get a smaller dog.

Looks like they will put Mocha down tomorrow for it. I’m not sure I agree with that.

To top today off, Mister just puked in front of the bedroom door.

Stitch bit my wife
Monday 2 Feb 2009, 03:46
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The saga continues, this time he bit her twice in the same hand as brat cat did back when we were in Georgia. Luckly, she works for a doctors office.

He just needs to move wrong and we have screaming ball of grey fur. I would say it rips my heart out to hear him, but that is only my second thought. My first is what happened, or why. My third is it might of been a whole lot easier to just have it removed. The last thought is increasing, because we are supposed to keep him indoors, calm, and not moving. The second two get violated everytime there is a wrong move. The first just because we haven’t seen him go yet.

Our old cat, Brat Cat we bought winter BDUs and I had a pair of Concertina gloves during that time., just to give her a bath. Today we have welding gloves. So we put him on a leash, to give him a little more privacy. Well he got under the car a tad. So my wife goes to retreave him, kneeling down with the welding gloves on, and he starts screaming bloody murder. The Mr Roberts our oldest cat decides he can’t stand it anymore and attacks her feet a few times.

This wasn’t expected for several reasons. He would never harm her, she is considered mommy. These two cats are normally considered enimies. At times Mr would get highly irritated with Stitch just comming in to our bedroom. Although since Stitch got hurt, he is in care mode.

We are not sure, but we think he is enjoying the taste of Vodka.

So Stitch got a fractured tail
Monday 2 Feb 2009, 10:39
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Well turns out he was bitten on the tail, running a slight fever, and it was defiantly fractured. Cost, about $112 for visit, and a new shot, that is an antibiotic and inflammatory. With one expensive shot that lasts fourteen days, no pills to take home. We chose this because he would of been a bear to get pills down. We trust Broadway Animal Hospital, which is where we took him this morning, got in quickly. He weighs 14lbs 1.5 ounces.

On the advice of a friend, who used to work with the Humane Society and Broadway Animal Hospital, we got a small shot of Vodka, the James Bond one for him. She said whisky, but the clerk at the shop over by the water tower, said Vodka has less sugar in it. It was weird buying it on the Sabbath, but it was needed to dull his pain. We didn’t have anything else around the house. Our pain killers would of been toxic to cats. I’m sure the clerk thought we were weird buying it for a cat. Next stop was buying a baby syringe.

We gave him 1ml of vodka mixed with 1ml of water. He looked like he wanted to throw up after giving it to him, but it worked. He was not longer screaming bloody murder. He was happy and content for the night.

It should be healed up in ten days, otherwise the tail will have to come off. So no stitches for Stitch.

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