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It’s a boy, and other musings
Thursday 24 Sep 2009, 10:20
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I twitted about this a while back, but our baby is a boy. My wife allowed me to find out. The chances that it is a girl is much less with having identified it as a boy, than the reverse. Having the doctor who my wife worked for find, there it’s penis, on the arrowed ultrasound, made us feel better. Though every time, I look at it, I can’t tell a thing, let alone it’s thingy. Other pictures, looked like a skeleton, and not a baby. We didn’t get very good pictures last time, because every time, the tech would try, it would move. My wife doesn’t like her picture taken either, nor did her mother.

Stitch, our cat, that had a broken tail is 100% fine now.  Our Lamb is fighting us, to get in to the house. It is like she was bottle fed. Don’t worry though, they do have plenty of shelter. She has a voracious appetite, so we are missing a row of potato, and lettuce. It is like a zero cut backyard now. She has a good coat of wool already. A single squirrel has damaged most of our corn crop.

One of our cats, Little Bear will sleep outside all night long on a chair, even through light rain, or dew. Yet just try and give him a bath, and he will act like your murdering him.

WordPress has new grammar checking,as below. I turned them on, but there might be no help for me.

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Another CA budget casualty, waiting time for stray animals reduced to 3 days
Wednesday 16 Sep 2009, 09:50
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It still seems to be up to the animal shelter’s discression, but if they want, after three days, bye bye animal.

….a state decision to reduce the holding period before a stray animal can be euthanized from the current six days to three. The move is an attempt by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to reduce costs at shelters as California.

So have your pets microchipped, and check often at the local animal shelters if they do become lost.How this affects Humboldt, I have no idea.

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Humboldt County Fair 2009
Sunday 23 Aug 2009, 05:56
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Well it is another year about done for. I tried avoiding it much as possible. I have a employee badge, but don’t get paid. Instead I get dragged in to it, by virtue of my relatives being employees. One nice thing this year is the milk testers this year provided free wifi. That allowed me to continue my addiction to Farmtown on Facebook/general internet.

I just get grumpy with all the effort that needs to go in to it. This year the fair board wanted barn/building leaders to lower labor costs 10%, so some of the buildings were told to close at 7pm. Except some people complained about that, so Friday and Saturday nights were changed to close at 9pm. I will tell you it is much less stressful when you can close at 7pm. You just get tired out by the end of the fair.

Something you don’t think about is the fresh vinyl sheeting, gives off nasty fumes, that not only smell bad, but gives headaches.

No sex in the bathroom story this year, but did have a kid taken in for underage drinking. Worse yet his mother couldn’t remember his name. “I’ve had so many,” was her excuse. More horse people this year, made things more interesting. Looks like a good deal of them can’t read English, or don’t care. Despite many signs saying no washing horses in places, those places still get used to wash horses. The fun is the stuff that gets left behind, let alone keeping the horses away from children in case they get spooked. Stuff that gets left behind is water, resulting mud, bandages, and beer cans. Even better is the ones washing by the campground, mud and water goes well with tents. Make sure you strap everything down too, or lock it up. We have gotten pretty good at this, though this year we lost a wooden pallet. In years past, we have lost a picnic table, wheelbarrow, and sawdust shavings. Can’t remember anything else.

Once in a while you have kids who don’t take care of their animals very well. Lastly is the people who just have to stick he fingers in cages. Yesterday I had to get some people to quit gobbling at the turkeys. It stresses them out,and we want them to be treated humanely so they live long enough to be slaughtered.

Ewe helper
Monday 29 Jun 2009, 07:34
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Finally got our ewe lamb yesterday from the redwood acres fair. cost was $140. Main reason was to knock down the grass. Poor girl was crying all night, so we tied her up by our house so not to bug the neighbors so much. Friendly thing, will follow us anywhere, including in to the house if we let her. Her and Smore seems to be getting friendlier this morning.

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Tuesday 28 Apr 2009, 07:32
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Smore is doing well, a bit more friendly, and adventurous. In fact he managed to squeeze under our new heavy duty fence, munch on all thirty raspberry plants, plus the Myer lemon tree. All were only in the ground a few days. One of our neighbors was nice enough to come over and rototiller the garden with his tractor.

Stitch has movement of most of his tail.

The bad news is we lost Sheba, our dog today. Looks like her and Mocha got in to a bad fight. She got a wound around the leg body area and in the chest. No idea what set things off. I’m not sure how Mister, our cat will take it. They have been together most of their lives. I was hoping she would of been around when our baby(ies) would of been born, if all goes well. She would of protected them with her life. She was a good companion, many walks, many places. She was the one I was with, when I discovered the address of the devil, that some person put in concrete, on top of an old post, at Fort Huachuca, AZ. My wife wants to get a smaller dog.

Looks like they will put Mocha down tomorrow for it. I’m not sure I agree with that.

To top today off, Mister just puked in front of the bedroom door.

Wednesday 1 Apr 2009, 11:11
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Cliff will be doing a live broadcast today from his bike, in the Safety Corridor, seeing how many illegal left turns he can do.

The Dog, Ginger if I remember the name right, will also be doing a live broadcast today. Moving around Ferndale with an open mic, and small transmitter allowing tourists, and citizens alike to give a shout out.

Lost Coast Communications will be installing a new telegraph system in place of the current phone system, allowing them to fully enter the binary age. You will then be able to send a message using any Western Telegraph office. DJ Larry said, “For those who are not hip enough for binary communications, a 1A2 ITT phone system to handle voice will be installed in the future.”

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Salmon count points to another canceled season | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
Thursday 19 Feb 2009, 01:50
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Salmon count points to another canceled season | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA.

California’s commercial fishermen fear they won’t fish for salmon again this year after the federal government Wednesday released dismal estimates for how many chinook salmon returned last fall to the Sacramento River.

“Those numbers are so low that this year will mirror last year, and there will be no fishing below Cape Falcon” in northwestern Oregon, said Eureka fisherman David Bitts.

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