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I Love Freecycle and the Power Wheel 4×4
Thursday 25 Apr 2013, 06:56
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We managed to score a generic Power Wheels type of 4×4 off of Freecycle. It was noted that it did not work due to needing a relay. I dissembled it, only to find out there is no relay, only switches, LED battery monitor, and circuit breaker. Bypassed the circuit breaker as being one fault, the battery had a fuse on it anyways. The foot pedal switch was next in line of problems. I could not find a similar switch with the same power rating(Amps). I had an extra 40A DC solid state relay in my parts bin, so I just sugrued in a push button switch to control the SSR. Next was the direction and speed switch. It is just a shift style lever to the kid, but two DPDT switches under that. Neither one fully worked. Being I didn’t want to spend much time on it, I figure forward is good enough for now. Besides a H-bridge style setup with a microcontroller is needed to preserve the shift lever. I want to use a solid state magnetic switch setup for the shift lever detection. I can do it, I just do not want to send the time right now. At any rate, little one enjoys it.

I do not understand why people dump a lot of stuff when you got these great resources like free cycle. In southern Humboldt, someone dumped concrete blocks in the river. Why? You can gets lots of neat stuff. If you make good use of the resources available, you can really cut down your cost.

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