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Election night

The results were disappointing for the most part.

The stupid GMO was defeated. We have too many costs for everything, that just get passed on to the consumer, like the egg thing.

The death penalty repeal has been rightfully defeated. The irony of the situation is we are supposed to care about people who did not care how their victims died.

Three Strikes reform was passed.

With those I can feel pretty good.

Can anybody translate, “Cap, I think every one election picks lost Well done!”

I spent the night at the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club meeting. First half was business, where I brought up Harbor District’s proposed RV park on Woodley Island. I brought it up because that is where field day is held twice a year. The grass areas would be replaced with RV spots, eliminating any place to set up the antennas. The idea is to practice establishing global contacts in case of disaster. The nice thing about that spot is the public exposure. Some Hams like that spot, others are like we can move anywhere.

Second half was an interesting presentation by WWII Navy Photographer. He served in the Pacific theater. He photographed the Aleutian Islands Campaign, Bikini Atoll Nuclear tests, and Antarctic coastline. The Aleutian Islands Campaign is where Japan invaded, and occupied part of Alaska. one of the photographs he had from the air showed a bomb dropping in the Aleutian islands Campaign. Here was a person who witnessed the Bikini Atoll tests and walked on the ships after they were bombed. The did not know about radiation back then. I never thought I would ever meat someone who has done so much and has done these things.

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