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I owe nothing to you Hank
Saturday 20 Oct 2012, 06:55
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I have viewed your website more than enough with ads on to make up for the little amount of time it took  to add my blog to the list. I have suffered with your ads obnoxiously covering the recent comments, scrolling with the page. Even when I got them to go away, they came right back.

The irony is you only knew what I did because I said so. You do not know if anyone else is using an ad blocker on the list of Humboldt Blogs. With your idea, I should be grateful to Google, Yahoo, etc and gleefully accept ads with their faults. I should be grateful for the ads on mobile devices, even though it uses battery power faster.

No. I guess you can say I am tired of the ads like others are tired of the billboards along Humboldt Bay. Having dealt with computers since the Atari days. I find it ridiculous to have four gigs of memory with the browser still running slow, because of ads, scripts, add on, etc.

You took my blog off once before. You said it was because my percentage of Humboldt stuff was below fifty percent. I counted my stuff, and most of it was Humboldt. Still you did not want to put it back.  There is two blogs who, at times below fifty percent.  It does not matter to you. I think even if I do get back on, another unwritten rule will be used.  I am not sure I see the value of a list if it is administered unfairly and does not have all Humboldt Blogs.

I pointed you in the right direction to fix your water heater. I tried helping you with info on East-West rail. So no I do not owe you.  I am glad when I am listed. I know you think I am beneath you. I do not care.



Wow, if he doesn’t like that adblocker, he’d HATE Ghostery… I’ve used it to read LoCo and T-S for a long time, and it saves tons of loading time – no ads, and you can even pick and choose which ads to block.

Comment by :)

Heh. I had to disable my ad blocker, then turn on Javascript for the domain name providing the ads, to see what you are talking about.

Comment by John Smith

Whoah, the link to this page on the Journal’s Blogwatch has disappeared. It looks like I’ll start keeping my own blog list if the other list is censored. This is terribly disappointing.

Comment by John Smith

I totally don’t get what this rant is about. Getting taken off Hank’s blogroll?

That said, as long as we’re ranting about Hank, it’s a sad commentary on the state of journalism when copying and pasting police and CalTrans press releases is heralded as wonderful. Or, that the Journal would remove you from its blogroll directly after you criticized Hank. Maybe the Maven should taken that one on. I’m not holding my breath.

Comment by Oh Well

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