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My vote Romney

was turned in today at Humboldt elections office.

Romney, same religion, conservative, can tell you which countries are ally, and has managed businesses. No joke for a VP.

Elizabeth Emken, Republican, Businesswoman and Nonprofit Executive, vs good old girl Feinstein. Being a politician should not be a career.

Daniel Roberts, Republican, Businessman. If you want to run things right, you need a background in business.

Tom Lynch, of a choice between two Democrats, I choose one with Small Businessman

30/38 NO new taxes while the economy sucks, and the books need fixing.

31 Yes, maybe they can pass the budget on time and quit raiding local governments so bad.

32 Yes, sorry but I am mixed with unions. You can done a lot of good with labor, and yet you have a history of corruption. I hate the idea it takes so much to fire the lazy, good for nothing bums. Some of your workers do such a poor job, wiremold falls off the wall. Should I go on?

33 No, there are reasons that are legal and moral not to have insurance, that are not exempt.

34 No, there is some people in life that should be executed. If you want it cheaper, streamline the process. Personally, we should add to the list of offenses to be executed for. Personally add rape to the list, at least until the numskulls get the idea it is not a joke, it is not something that is yours. You have killed that person that used to be.

35 Yes, another crime I absolutely detest. How can you do that to another?

36 Yes, corrects the law to what was the intent, and saves money.

37 No. Lets be honest here, it does not label all GMO foods. It gives a false sense of security to those who think because it is not labeled GMO, it is GMO free. More fun is GMO sometimes spreads. Then what?

39 Yes. Makes an easier tax code, more income, clean energy, and a bit to schools.

40 No. Being lumped in with Marin and Sonoma sucks. Redo it.

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