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Misc, WGU, and Projects
Saturday 1 Sep 2012, 10:34
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It has been a long time since I have said anything about my little one. Like all parents, I am very proud of him. He is very smart, with a good  amount of vocabulary now, and picks things up quickly now. Things you do not want him to learn, are learned more quickly, than those you do want him to learn. His hair turned out an interesting mix of red and brown. I love him!

I am taking classes through Western Governors University now for my BS in IT networking.  One term is done. I like it for  most of it is online and I can take the classes on my schedule. Core class tests can be taken using the supplied secured webcam. Some gotchas for Humboldt students are webcam requires 700k upload/download speed and IT classes have to be procured at special sites. There is no site in Humboldt that is certified to give you these classes. That means Redding, and Santa Rosa are the nearest places to take these exams.
As part of my science practical, I have to do and document a science experiment. I saw an article on a study that found young corn plants communicated using clicks in the two hundred twenty Hertz range. My fun is trying to measure this. This frequency is within the normal human range of hearing that ranges from twenty to twenty Kilohertz. I bought a contact microphone from Two Street Music for that is one of the microphones listed by one of the studies. The problem with contact microphones is they sound tinny due to loss of low frequencies. That is caused by impedance mismatch. I have to wait for Tuesday, so I can get a 4M7 resistor I forgot for a FET buffer circuit.

Due to a religiously intolerant, trails supporter, I am playing around with comment settings. Using MB logic, I will claim it is MB doing it.

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