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THA Speeder Crew Car runs Loleta Swauger Station Day 8 July 2012
Tuesday 10 Jul 2012, 12:48
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A fun day was to be had by all. The weather was good, not to hot, and not too cold. The trains were packed all day, and the children were given the opportunity to run the bell while in station. Not only was there the usual speeder ride, but also a rail cycle was there, inviting people to explore the rail a bit at their own pace and power. Those who came for the BBQ and other events packed the speeder. Likewise, the folks who came for the historic speeder ride to the tunnel, packed the BBQ, and other businesses. At the Loleta Bakery, there was not a single loaf to be found at the end of the day, despite extra loafs that were made for the event. I am still enjoying my loaf of Sweet Portuguese Bread.

I will be adding video, beware though, it was done on the iPhone without a tripod.

Loleta Speeder and Rail Cycle runs 8 July 2012

Part B Video


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Thanks for coming out guys, let’s do this again!

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