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Wal-Mart at Bayshore Mall was busy today
Wednesday 13 Jun 2012, 04:35
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It was like a great pent-up need to stick pins in to a voodoo doll of local progressive leaders. In waves they came to partake in buying reasonable priced goods. The ceremony took an half-hour, starting at seven-thirty this morning, disappointing shoppers who just wanted to shop. It was a mixed bag of prices, some Wal-Mart won, others were left to the other big-box stores. Nobody mentioned going to locally owned stores for good prices. Going through the isles, we were asked many times if we needed help finding anything. We were casually talking that we forgot to pickup some salsa at another store, when an employee told us Wal-Mart would match any price. Every register was open, and any not busy were asking shoppers if they wanted to check out. Impressive customer service.

Other areas of Bayshore mall and surrounding businesses were busier than normal.

Update: Yes there is some organic products. Eggs for one. Also gluten free products.

Update2: Still busy at 7:45pm




Hyperbole is winning your case.

Comment by capdiamont

The boogeyman isn’t so scary now that people actually get to see it – instead of listening to the fear-and-loathing mongers.

What’s more, Walmart put more money in the hands of ‘poor’ people than all the government programs combined, simply by offering goods at prices people can afford.

The whole thing is hilarious. I was disappointed there wasn’t a mile long traffic jam, like the one when KMart opened in Eureka, though.

Comment by Rose

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