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Last day for Donkey Days is today
Sunday 29 Apr 2012, 08:13
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Last Donkey Days at Fort Humboldt is today due to park closure. Come ride steam train, see hit & miss engines, logging displays, and model trains. Per Times-Standard, park will close for weekends and holidays starting July 1st. That means only one steam up/train ride day after today.



I thought you had to go to Mexico for some donkey action…..

Comment by Joe

Donkey is a type of steam and later some gas that was used to move logs around in he forest using rope. Think of it as a winch. It was invented by Dolbeer in Eureka, California. Both of the locomotives at Fort Humboldt has a large spools on front for the rope. That allowed them to be used as portable Donkey engines, until the actual donkey engines grew more larger and capable.

Comment by capdiamont

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