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Humboldt Shell Wind Energy Project
Sunday 25 Dec 2011, 09:52
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Peter Lehman and Colin Sheppard put forth some good arguments I have to agree with regards to the wind power project. Read the entire article for the rest of them.

We live on a small, beautiful planet and there’s no somewhere else — every place is someone’s backyard. The privileged, energy-intense lifestyle we enjoy comes with responsibility. Accepting some of the downsides of wind power development for its much greater good is part of that responsibility. Our grandchildren will thank us.

I got in to the renewable energy thing when Walden’s Bookstore was in the Bayshore Mall after buying a Home Power Magazine. To me it was always interesting that a average person could generate, offset, or reduce their power usage. Though energy needs to be scaled up to cut cost and to supply enough energy to those who cannot do it on their own.



It’s a lovely comment if you don’t live where they want to build these windmills. They’re going to shut off two towns from the main road for several months during construction, forcing residents to drive an extra 1.5 miles to go to work or school. They’re going to shut down Highway 211 for at least one month with the components. They’re building enough extra power for 15,000 homes… but there are not 15,000 homes here. Representatives from the Wind Company say they’re going to sell this power to Southern California ! Gee that makes a LOT of sense, huh? Build windmills 600 miles away from where the power is needed, smack dab in the middle of the Redwood state and national forests and expect local residents to pay the price to aircondition some body’s home in Los Angeles.

This isn’t green, this is being done for Energy Subsidies from the U.S. Federal Government.

They also plan to build this whole project directly atop a fault, with no studies of how the towers will behave in a 6.8 or higher magnitude earthquake such as the three we experienced in 1992.

This is a great project – in the wrong place. Please take a serious look at the specifics of this project before going all “This is a GREAT idea.” It’s not NIMBY from the local residents. It’s a total disbelief that any company would think it is acceptable to shut off two towns from fire and ambulance service for months to build anything.

I’m 100% in favor of renewable energy and 100% opposed to this exact project. I agree with the professors that renewables are the way to go. I disagree with them in that the Bear River project is the way to implement renewable energy in Humboldt County.

Comment by Anonymous

I do live in Humboldt County. I have worked and I have family that works the county fair there for over ten years.

Last route have seen is avoiding Ferndale for transportation. It will have to go through Rio Dell. Rio Dell has two highway 101 access points so it won’t be “shutdown” as you put it.

The entire state has fault lines on it. Earthquakes are nothing new to wind turbines even at this size. Not a single one has fallen down. They and labor needed to deal with a fallen turbine is too expensive to allow flimsy construction. Oddly enough, the earthquake you mention is more likely to severely damage Ferndale than the wind turbines due to today’s knowledge and standards.

Electricity doesn’t care who buys it. Physics dictate it flows from the supply to the nearest load. Any buying and selling is artificial in that it will never past local loads. Humboldt county is a net importer of electricity. In order for there to be any electricity to flow from Humboldt county, there has be much more electricity generated than this project will do. Read up on distributed generation.

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