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Harbor District Meeting 15 Dec 2011 and railroad going east
Friday 16 Dec 2011, 12:09
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It was said by Pete O. that investors are willing to invest up to one billion in a railroad to the outside, if there is sufficient support from Public Officials. Also interesting is the Wyott Tribe wanting to get more involved in local economic items such as the harbor, and railroad.

O Kern started surveying the railroad route to the east four years ago biased on field notes done in 1909.

Majority of the comments are in favor of the railroad route east. One person questioned how the route would affect the A&MR trail.

Unanimous vote for the Marine Highway access. I’m happy with the vote. I want the east-west route to be studied, it just was brought up too late for this round. Also there will be opposition to the railroad, making it likely we could lose the money due to delays. Wilson volunteered to work with HSU to do a study for the east-west route. Also looks like some of the money will be able to be used to fix some of the parcel lines. For those who don’t know, the parcel lines go through the car shop, machine shop, Maritime Museum, and Cookhouse. It is an interesting mess.



Keep wasting our public funds Lawrence…

You belong in Sacramento!

Comment by Anonymous

*I* wasting public funds? How so? Which way? Or are you just another hit and run troll?

Comment by capdiamont

The current operator thinks the Humboldt short line can be done economically. The line is needed for the tourist train. We need more attractions to draw people up here.

As fuel prices go up, the more traffic the railroads capture. It is our future, not past.

Comment by capdiamont

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