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Mr Wilson and THA part 2
Sunday 27 Nov 2011, 05:11
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A part of democracy is the citizens right to Speak against government however, whenever, they want. You Mr Wilson are a leader of the commissioners, are directly responsible for the these lease terms. Do not be angry at citizens for exercising their right. Nor should you be angry at a group because a member decides to directly exercise their rights. Elected officials are supposed to be servants of the public, not rulers over them.

I do not like many of the new terms stated for the new lease. In fact, I think some of them directly infringe on my right to free speech.

By the new terms, there is prohibitions on Timber Heritage Association advertising various things. Do not dare to think you can restrict what I say one iota. I will be sending a email to EFF for legal advice on what I view as a restriction on my free speech.

The new terms say THA isn’t allowed to call the museum site a museum. That THA is prohibited from advertising that the Falk is in the roundhouse once it is moved to the spot the A&MR speeder was. For those who don’t know, the speeder is the small bright orange thing in the header photo of my blog. THA is not allowed to advertise the days the site is open to the public.

THA is not allowed to have members of the public park on the grounds. This was done in the past to allow the disabled and elderly a chance to see the site. Instead they have to walk over uneven ground for a good distance. That ground is not allowed to be improved. Those people will not have the opportunity to visit the artifacts if this is kept.

This site needs to be an unencumbered museum as soon as possible.



Sounds like the Humboldt Bay Harbor District is trying to “unintentionally” shut you guys out. Perhaps someone on the district has a different use in mind for the land and you guys are in the way? Just a little conspiracy theory…..

Comment by Joshua Woods

Wow, you have some serious issues with basic grammer Cap

Comment by Anon

Ah, I was wondering when the personal attacks would start. You have no thoughts that might make you sound intelligent? Guess that is asking for too much.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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