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Mr Wilson and THA
Thursday 10 Nov 2011, 01:35
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Time has come to move Timber Heritage Association artifacts out of fields landing. The land has been sold. It has been nice to be able to store the stuff there. THA needs about two acres of land to store it on by 1 Jan 2012 or it looks to be scrapped. Plus equipment to haul the big stuff.

For those following along the THA happenings. You are probably wondering why not take it to the Samoa site THA currently has. The answer is The Harbor District’s position is it is a limited storage place, not a museum. Any changes such as new security cameras, or outside artifacts must be approved after long negations and many stipulations. Negations have broken down.

The history of the site was lumber mill and railroad related buildings from the 1890’s. Along the way the site was donated to the Harbor District and the Redwood Dock study stated the best use of the property was Timber Heritage Museum. The buildings have gone from being severely neglected with rain pouring through the roofs to new roofs with rotted wood being replaced. One roof was collapsed. It is nice having skilled workers to see such projects. Those fixing up projects are in Lou of payment for a year to year lease. Though the actual price is above normal industrial sites. Though there is no water or real bathrooms yet.

Worse yet, the Harbor District has failed to yet to do normal landlord duties such as fixing the fence that allowed people to vandalize artifacts and other equipment. The Harbor District has yet to do any site survey for residue toxics such as from fuel tanks on site or dioxin. Do they not care about the environment? The Harbor District does have insurance on the property to do the clean up.

THA needs to be given the property to operate as a museum to generate revenue for both THA and the local economy. Once the property is THA’s hands for the long term, they can seek grants to further fix the site, artifacts, and equipment. This is a simple way to generate jobs. At one time the commissioners were talking of giving the property.

Timber Heritage Museum needs people to call and email the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District expressing support. 707-443-0801, fax 707-443-0800.

As always this is my opinion. This is my blog.



Total waste of public funds, giving anything to THA

Comment by Anonymous

Apparently the loser who posted the first post doens’t like history or railroads/logging. THA has done some great things and would handle a tourist train and museum fine. I don’t understand those that are so negative towards the THA.

Comment by Joshua Woods

Let me get this straight. Over $100k in private funds has been spent on the historic buildings which were in danger of being lost. I would say nothing was spent to fix or maintain those buildings by the Harbor District. IE no public funds were spent on these publicly owned buildings. Did you read the part where the land was donated to the Harbor District? it would make it easier on the Harbor District by having one less thing to manage and worry about.

Comment by capdiamont

I’d say they were negative, not a loser. We can’t say anything more since they didn’t even bother with a handle.

Comment by capdiamont

“…the loser who posted the first post…”

As opposed to the “winner” with the anti-Obama logo for his avatar?

Back to the subject: I’d love to see a permanent railroad museum in Samoa, and there’s already so much in place. This would educate locals and draw tourists (especially with the promise of bayside speeder rides).

Comment by Joel Mielke

Thank you Joel for the support.

There is enough in place now to draw people in. THA already gets people from out of area to ride the speeder.

Comment by capdiamont

Nice little personal attack before you “get back to the point.” Get a life….

Comment by Joshua Woods

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