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Lawsuit delays freight trains
Wednesday 8 Jun 2011, 03:19
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Friends of the Eel River, with Scott G slithering in to leader of that group filed a lawsuit like clockwork. SRPD



He gets his walking papers from EPIC and moves over to FOER, but where’s the money in this suit? Is he just filing a placeholder now in case the rail returns so he can extort funds from a business that needs to stay afloat?

Comment by anon

NCRA is over, old news

Time to move on

Comment by Anonymous

The suit is not warrented. FOER not need to worry about SMART and NWP south of Cloverdale as that rail trarric is triggered by the SMART ballot so one EIR CEQA for that southern portion of the line.

A seperate EIR CEQA document should be allowed for anything north of Cloverdale. It will not be a son marin transit project. Likewise it would be a new project or freight traffic..a northern segment.

NCRA needs to assert that they dont know if the north is feasable in thie economy but may be soon so they should not be forced to follow one eir ceqa document for something not part of the current day plan.

Looking foward to welcoming the first train here in petaluma, santa rosa.

Comment by casey

This doesn’t look good

Comment by oops

There was no oops. It was done deliberately. Popular opinion is it was done by someone in the opposition.

This does not delay the current section of railroad being opened.

Comment by capdiamont

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