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SRPD: NCRA shelves Rail to Trail resolution
Thursday 14 Apr 2011, 08:14
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But some Eel River ranchers are skeptical of the idea, saying they already have problems with poachers, marijuana growers and other trespassers.

“We will fight you on this,” said Peggy Satterlee, whose family owns a 28,000-acre ranch in the canyon near Fort Seward.

“We don’t want the dogs, the horses and the fires,” she said.




Sounds like wouldn’t want the trains either

Comment by Anonymous

“I think the current board of directors of the NCRA has correctly concluded that trains through the canyon are a long way off and will require extensive environmental review and massive amounts of money.”

NCRA Executive Director Mitch Stogner

Comment by Anonymous

Congrats! You can cut and paste!

Comment by capdiamont

Their main concern is the tresspassers. IE people on foot. The trains themselves did not bother growers, or anybody.

Comment by capdiamont

You disagree with Mitch Stogner’s comments Cap?

Comment by Anonymous

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