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If your concerned about disasters, consider becoming a Ham
Tuesday 5 Apr 2011, 06:20
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Something that keeps getting short thrift is thinking about communications in a disaster. The landslide just above Redway almost took our fiber optic link out. That would have taken out internet, phones, and even some cell phones. If a disaster comes most of the communications will be cut. Even Netlink101, in places will be cut, because of tower on the waterfront. Now if you take a simple test, no code required, you will be able to communicate still. As an example, look at Japan. Even as we live in comfort, a large section of Japan is cut off, except for Satellite, and Armature Radio. That is the reason I became a Ham.

Here in Humboldt we have two main clubs, with a nice repeater system you can connect to, if licensed to talk over most of Humboldt. Tonight is the Humboldt club meeting from 7 – 9 PM, at the main fire hall, in the training room. If you miss this one, they are every 1st Tuesday of the month. HARC

SoHum SHARC 4th Tuesday of the Month
At 19:30 hours (7:30 p.m.).

Trinity County ARC

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