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Timber Heritage Association is running speeder for Jazz Festival this weekend
Saturday 26 Mar 2011, 12:57
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Looks to be an enjoyable short, frequent runs. Thanks to the organizers of the Jazz Festival to helping, and allowing this to happen.

If things go well, I should have my radio sending out APRS messages with the steam engine on Ham Freq so can track it. is a live APRS map of the Jazz Festival.

Update/Further Info: It ran for passengers 10am to 5pm. Amazingly good weather. Poured at loading, and towards the end.

My son cleaning out the flangeways. Wonder if EPIC will sue.

Speeder on rails

Tomorrow, the speeder will be running again. Channel 3 had a nice news story on the Jazz Festival, including the speeder.



Did the speedster run in Old Town? I had thought that it hasn’t been all the way to Eureka yet.

I little more information please.

Comment by Tom Sebourn

The speeder is just put on a trailer, or two, and moved to where needed. Good run today.

Comment by capdiamont

Very cool, cap!

Comment by Rose

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