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Professor Paul Gallegos teaches his minions well
Sunday 24 Oct 2010, 10:19
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Carol Conner stumps for an intellectual movie

Carol Conner stumps for an intellectual movie


Despite a plethora of evidence Paul is messing up most cases he has touched, the minions have been told to ignore all evidence, it is only minor things. Running over bicyclists is not illegal per Paul. Paul has a letter sent to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and California Attorney General Edmund Brown because of such a horrid level of incompetence. Rose has a blog of many, various things he has messed up. How about the oil company he said, he went after, except it was not an oil company. It was just Big oil & Tire. When I hear him speak, I have a tremendous desire to impale myself. Supporters, though have their blinders on, and say we need to give him another 10, 20, 50, or 100 years to figure things out. Even more listing of his failures, see Arcata Eye’s unpublishable letters page.

Trying to get Paul’s supporters to at least admit there  are some flaws is like talking to a wall. I’ll admit Jackson is not perfect, but is a better than Paul. Even posting on supporter blogs that Paul has more flaws than they will admit will get your comment deleted.

Though those same people would stump for the above movie because the main characters are brains.







Yes, besides his admitted plagiarism, his tying to claim he created programs that predate him by many years, trying to sneak his propaganda in to a Bd. of Supervisors proclamation honoring employees, calling himself a “professor at HSU” and trying to take credit for the Skilled Healthcare suit – he claims to have gone after “BIG OIL!”

But you’re exactly right! “Big Oil” isn’t EXXON – not in this case, it was poor little “Big Oil and Tire.”

Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies.

Told the Rotary he “doesn’t know” if he has any grower donors, as he is heading to his fundraiser that is sponsored by the newly minted “Growers Association.”

I am trying to figure out if there is even one thing he has told the truth about this entire campaign. “My name is Paul…” OK, we can give him that one.

Comment by Rose

If Gallegos looses to Jackson, it will be because people think that he has done a poor job as D.A., If he wins, it will be because the opposition didn’t put up a better candidate.

Comment by Tom Sebourn

leave the photoshop to the mirror

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry, their graphics department have been slacking too much.

Comment by capdiamont

Tom, have you met her yet? How about lunch? You might be very very surprised.

Comment by Rose

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