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Arcata Eye: How That Cute Li’l Speeder Helped Open Up A Can(yon) Of Worms
Friday 20 Aug 2010, 07:23
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As a demonstration how environmentalists can complain about every little thing, the usual groups have gotten together to pen a hilarious, over the top, and completely removed from realty letter.

The reality is very, very little work was done. The ballast work was simply moving it from one side of the track to another. No new ballast was used. To correct the driveway analogy, it is more akin to moving gravel a few feet on your driveway to fill in a pot hole, than anything else. As far as safety concerns, we had already passed over the bridges with zero deflection. Speeder doesn’t weigh much, even with people

The nice, balanced article by The Arcata Eye is here.


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Does this really suprise you? The people against railroad operations will stop at nothing to try to make sure nothing but a bike ever runs on those lines again.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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