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Living with the iPod Touch
Saturday 31 Jul 2010, 02:32
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I love tech. Never before can you be in touch with what is going on in the world. The other hand with an ability to know so much elsewhere, that around us drops off. I really would like the ability to easily filter out the news I don’t care about. The Mac has wonderful ways to do this, but it is still like programing. I just want to mouse click thinks together with blocks like the 12blocks gui environment for the Parallax Propeller chip.

So on to Apple’s iPod touch. Never before can so much be done in places people won’t bother you, such as a bath or on the toilet. As time has gone on, it has gotten better with ios upgrades. This last upgrade was free for the touch. Before that, apple liked to make touch users pay for upgrades. So now I can record voice memos if I have a mic attached, such as Apple’s newer headphones include. I can even use Dragon’s free speech to text app, as long as I’m connected to the net. The location feature now can find me in many places in Humboldt County reasonability good. That itself was a neat update. It used to be unable to find me at all in Humboldt County. I have used this in many places, sometimes as a flashlight, other times as a level.

The screen is showing spots from abuse. It has survived relatively well from a dunk in water except for the sound output.

I still wish for built in camera and mic. Overall it is very good.



Maybe in 2011, they might release better versions with more features.

Comment by Adrian Somera

I love my iPod Touch. I don’t use it for music. But when I’m at home and away from the office, I use it to check email, surf the net, facebook, read blogs and news websites. I balance my checkbook with it and keep track of paper sales. I use the calculator and use it as a police scanner.

Comment by jackdurham

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