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The Colony
Wednesday 28 Jul 2010, 06:22
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Well our little one has me tied down with keeping him happy, so instead of doing something creative, we watch the tube more often. I don’t know how single parents do it.

Discovery Channel has a new series called The Colony. The idea is a group of volunteers are told there has been a global disaster a “nuclear flu” which wiped out a lot of people. So they are taken to a safety zone which is in New Orleans that has been abandoned. They are given a bit of food, medical supplies, and cots. They are not given water, or electricity. They must survive on what they find, and against any attacks, for fifty days.

The 1st episode is five days. 72 hour isolation, and two days in the safe zone. So they made fire, filtered, and boiled water. Not successful on fishing yet. Had their medical supplies stolen by a “mob” of actors who used pepper spray on the colonists.

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