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CTIA Files Suit to Block Cell Phone Radiation Law – PCWorld
Sunday 25 Jul 2010, 09:22
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CTIA Files Suit to Block Cell Phone Radiation Law – PCWorld.

The CTIA, a group representing mobile operators, is trying to block a San Francisco ordinance that would require stores to disclose radiation levels for the phones they sell.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, the CTIA argues that the ordinance unlawfully interferes with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s authority over cell phones.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, seeks to block the ordinance, which was passed last month and requires retailers to post information about the Specific Absorption Rate for the phones they sell. SAR is a measure of cell phone radiation, and the FCC has established a SAR limit for phones sold in the U.S.

Is Arcata next?


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