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Crime rates in Humboldt County increase; statewide numbers dropping – Times-Standard Online
Tuesday 29 Jun 2010, 10:43
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Crime rates in Humboldt County increase; statewide numbers dropping – Times-Standard Online.

While crime rates across California are decreasing, violent crimes in Humboldt County rose more than 17 percent last year, according to a report from the California Department of Justice.



May 13:
“…During the KHUM/North Coast Journal debate last week, Gallegos demonstrated that he takes these numbers very seriously indeed. Both Allison Jackson and Paul Hagen called him on this in different ways. Jackson asserted that the violent crime rate has in fact gone up, not down, during his tenure. Hagen wryly quizzed Gallegos about what exactly he had done to bring the crime rate down….”

From Gallegos’ own website:
“What is the truth about violent crime?
By prioritizing which people to remove from society, we have made the community safer. We all want a safe place to live our lives and raise our families, and by working together with health and human services, and the probation office, our team, which includes law enforcement, Health and Human Services, and CAST, has effectively reduced crimes in Humboldt County.”

Comment by Rose

Hey it’s my two favorite lunatic bloggers in one forum

Wow, what a treat!

Comment by Smithy

Cutting and pasting facts from an article, seeking truth, and facts must be lunatic.

Fact is our DA took credit for the decrease in crime, why not for the increase in crime?

Comment by capdiamont

The FACT is that Allison Jackson called Gallegos on his lies during that KHUM debate. Hank covered it on the Journal Blogthing, and again in the Journal proper.

Other than that, the TS specifically is remarkably disinterested in anything that complicated.

It’s much easier to paint this a conservative/liberal battle and not ever ever ever examine the repeated and constant misrepresentations of the truth.

Comment by Rose

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