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Whats the big deal about Richardson’s Grove?
Monday 14 Jun 2010, 06:41
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I will never understand it. The trees have survived road work so far. It seems that if they achieved balance after said brutal road work in the grove, they will once again achieve balance after the current project.

Larger trees have been or will be cut for the new Safeway store in Eureka. Not a peep from the enviros about that one, even after NCJ did a fine article about that one.

I also don’t get how these people are fighting against the project to save Humboldt, fight against any local company that voices support for the project, against any media article that isn’t 100% against the project, and ignore that it will benefit local small businesses.

Do any of you scare tactic folks understand a small business can be a corporation too?

We have many, many environmental problems out there, yet complaining about a blip in time of a project, and impact. We are spending tons on 101 from Marin north, the 7 million for RG project is just a drop in the bucket. Here’s another project for $9.3 million for 101 in San Rafael in Marin.

We have the good old oil spill going on now in the Gulf, though it isn’t so far the biggest spill, or the biggest environmental disaster. Fred covered a big long-lasting spill on California Land that was bigger. We are still snagging chemical munitions our government dumped off our own coast(Mustard gas). You know there is six nuclear weapons missing around the US don’t you? We still have to clean up from manufacture of nuclear weapons and fuel.

What about the oil naturally leaking in the gulf, and other areas? What about the massive amount of oil in ship wrecks that will leak, or does? What about the plastic floating in the oceans?

Whole cities have been abandoned in the US due to effects of their principal mining, and other manufacturing. One city has burned for decades because the coal underneath it caught fire, from trash burning. Oops. What about the co2 from that coal-burning

What about working to get us better energy sources? What about working on these huge problems? VS RG project, where nobody will notice any effect.



What are you doing about the planet’s problems?

Breeding more future liberals?

You know, kids often end up the opposite of their parents, esp in fascist families such as yours.

So I must say, thank you for your good work!

Comment by Ignoranymous

So the point of this is??
Other, even ‘worse’ things have happened so that makes it all o.k.?
Bash libs because they fight one project and not another?
And this makes cons ‘good’ just how exactly?
In 50 years people are going to despise us all for the way we treat this planet now.

Comment by dontgetit

My God. You have some loons that read your blog cap. I would love to see the road widened there. Too many people act like we will destroy the entire world if we widen the road there. Give me a break!

Comment by Joshua Woods

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