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Amateur radio enthusiasts abuzz over traffic ticket
Thursday 3 Jun 2010, 08:25
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Amateur radio enthusiasts abuzz over traffic ticket.

TROY — Amateur radio enthusiasts are abuzz on the airwaves over a traffic ticket Steve Bozak received Sunday in Troy as he talked to his buddies over the very same frequency.

Bozak, who owns an antenna company and has been using so-called “ham” radios for 34 years, was pulled over at the intersection of 15th and Hoosick streets while on his way to breakfast with fellow enthusiasts of the technology. He was slapped with a ticket for talking on a cell phone while driving, and he said Officer Mark Millington dismissed his claims that the radio was not in fact a telephone.

“He assured me that I could not be speaking on that cell phone while I was driving,” said Bozak, who lives in Clifton Park. “I mentioned to him politely that it wasn’t a cell phone but an amateur radio. He assured me that it was all the same.”

The section of New York’s vehicle and traffic law Bozak was cited for violating, 1225-c, requires a phone to be “in the immediate proximity” of the driver’s ear. It defines the types of communication devices it applies to as ones “interconnected to a public switched telephone network … provided by a commercial mobile radio service.”



The POINT is, he wasnt driving responsibly.
He was talking on a radio.
The people he slams into will be just as dead, and they wont care if its a ‘cell phone’ or not.
This is silly.

Comment by reallyitis

So by your point, when you change the station on your radio, change a cd, operate your i-pod, drink your coffee…..etc., then you are not driving responsibly as well! If you read the article, Mr. Bozack was pulled over solely for “talking on a cell-phone”. The officer had no issue with his operation of the motor-vehicle. It is not “silly” as you say. The Amateur community is here to assist the local and federal agencies, as well as the public in time of disaster. Quite often we are mobile. As I have said, this is not silly, it is very important to the Amateur community.

Comment by kb2wzt

I’m not sure how this radio differs from truck drivers talking on a CB. Just because someone is talking while driving does not make that person an unsafe driver. And Cap, if this crazy state gets the opportunity, they will probably make it illegal to change your radio station, eat, drink, or even scratch your nose while driving…

Comment by Joshua Woods

The ham radio isn’t much different than talking on CB. Must be licensed, but uses different frequencies, and power levels.

Locally, hams also help out at events, such as the kinetic race, and the lost coast race. This allows coverage of gaps in cell phone coverage.

Comment by capdiamont

I must say i’m shocked by the ignorance of some comments. The law is written only for cell phones
and there is no intent of the law or spirit of the law. The law is the law and the law clearly describes only cell phones, not two way radios.
You have to dial a phone and look at it. A 2 way radio is far less distracting. Steve will win his case hands down. Here is one for you idiots.
You can’t say a guy with a gun can be charged with murder if he didn’t kill anyone. If Steve’s driving was impared the officer could have wrote a ticket for distracted driving. This is a simple case of an arrgoent duchbag cop who is never wrong.

Comment by Tom

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