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Bonnie Neely can’t change the facts – Times-Standard Online
Saturday 29 May 2010, 10:13
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Can’t change the facts – Times-Standard Online.

I’ve read with interest Bonnie Neely’s mailers. I’m undecided for whom I will vote and I respect Ms. Neely’s 24 years of service, but to take credit for the Headwaters Fund and the child healthcare program is disingenuous. The government commonly gives local governments funds when taking large tracts of private land. Headwaters was no different. As a school administrator and grant writer I’m thrilled about increased medical coverage for children. But to take credit for a state program which I believe is part of the expanded SCHIP Program would be like me taking credit for funds we receive because we have a certain number of students. My co-workers would rightly point out that I did little to receive these apportioned funds just like Headwaters and SCHIP.Since 1996 when I began teaching locally I’ve seen other changes that perhaps Supervisor Neely is also responsible for: declining school enrollment and teacher layoffs; families leaving Humboldt in search of jobs; and fewer opportunities for our graduates. I don’t blame Ms. Neely for the current national economic situation, but for years our graduates have faced a lack of living-wage jobs. The situation is worse now than it was when I graduated high school in 1985 or began teaching locally in 1996 (dates that closely align with Ms. Neely’s time in office). We have fewer students and families and fewer jobs than 10 or 20 years ago and all the mailers in the world won’t change that.

Jack Bareilles



The Barailles family needs some help given their subdivision issues. A conservative supervisor might be on their side. Too bad their isn’t a Republican running for the seat.

Comment by Lester

I agree. That family is over the top looking for a “friendly” supervisor.

Comment by Mike Buettner

Pretty pathetic, people on your opposing side must always be a “developer”, part of Arkleys paid group, or whatever.


The problem is that our high achieving students find it very difficult to find work locally and our lower achieving students have even fewer options. I love San Francisco where you’re from and when I taught in Oakland in the early 90s I was confident that if my 7th and 8th grade students could get through high school they had a good chance of getting jobs with a future–even if they didn’t go to college. Unfortunately those jobs are in too short supply locally.

By the way, I voted against Walmart many years ago–I wasn’t talking about big boxes and the I tend not to shop in them–the lines are too long and in my experience the service at a place like Home Depot leaves something to be desired. If a Home Depot was opened locally tomorrow I’d still go to Shaffers (which I probably misspelled) or Pierson’s. And I’ve been in two Walmarts so I’m good for the next decade or so.

When “big box” businesses like Lost Coast Brewery and the cookie company in Arcata along with all other local businesses that ship materials in and out of the county need to switch their merchandise from shorter trailers that can get through Richardson Grove to longer industry standard trailers that makes it even harder for local businesses to compete, grow and provide jobs for our kids.

And since you brought up the Balloon Track, I seem to recall, some years ago Robin Arkley offered to clean up the Balloon Track and put in playing fields. It was shot down by many of the same folks whose personal animus toward Arkley seems to prevent them from supporting even worthwhile causes if he’s involved. Last January I gave a couple of friends of mine, two self-described New York City liberals, a tour of Eureka. When we drove by the Balloon Track and I told them about the controversy they were thunderstruck. They said Manhattanites wouldn’t care if George W. Bush himself wanted to clean up a blighted area–they’d support it.

If we’re too liberal for Manhattan maybe it’s time we reassess our positions.

Comment by capdiamont

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