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Virgina Bass restoring jobs, restoring the county
Sunday 23 May 2010, 11:29
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We decided to redeem our Smugs free pizza certificate yesterday, so after no answers from the Eureka store, we went downtown. We thought, that since it was about 6pm, they might just be busy. Nope, closed. No hours, no answering machine. Thanks!

Interesting enough as we went through old town Bass, not Neely signs are on the Old Town Bar &Grill building. Apparently the developer who is restoring that building, thinks Bass can restore our area with real net increase of jobs, vs Neely waiting until election time to announce she has a plan.

I mean really, if you cared about Humboldt Co, and had so much experience/connections(good old boy/girl network), why not start it NOW?

Thanks to SMUG in Arcata, we were able to enjoy our free pizza that Smugs donated to the Timber Heritage Museum. On the same block was a sign place with a bunch of bumper stickers, many good laughs, and a couple I think apply to this election.

so few Richard Marks, so many dicks support Bonnie Neely.

and a bumper sticker that describes Bonnie Neely’s entire six terms.

Bonnie Neely for supervisor



“not Neely signs are on the Old Town Bar & Grill building”

What does that mean? English please?

Are you saying Kurt Kramer supports Virginia Bass? Wow, big surprise indeed!!

Comment by Anonymous

I know Eric the owner of Smugs. I’m sure he would be interested in how the THA trashes their sponsors.

Comment by Mike Buettner

Another person who can’t read everything. I did put I enjoyed their pizza, thanks to their Arcata store. However, not having access to the internet at the time, I wasn’t able to contact the Eureka store at all. No answering machine, and no hours posted on the door. But you, in your sick little mind like to twist things. 2nd I’m not THA, I’m a member of THA.

It is like a tale of two stores, Arcata was excellent, Eureka, no info about store hours, except online. Not a good thing.

Comment by capdiamont

Love the bumper stickers!!!

Comment by Joshua Woods

That guy probably wouldn’t know the difference…

Comment by Joshua Woods

So this blog has degenerated into politics now? Count me out.

Comment by anonomous

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