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City Light Controller electronics project
Tuesday 27 Apr 2010, 08:11
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If you’re not in to electronics stop now. This is a project I’ve been working on for a little while now, due to the need to fit it in the allowed time, by my little tike. The basic idea is to randomly turn on and off the outputs. The idea came from someone trying to find such a circuit in a model railroad forum.

It can use 8 or 24 outputs. True random(as possible), or controlled random. Controlled random, ensures each cycle uses an unused output.

It has four modes, all on, all off, flip, and twinkle. All on, turns all outputs on. All off, turns all outputs off. Flip, turns off outputs on, then off, and repeats endlessly. Twinkle randomly toggles each output.

I’m working to make this a kit.

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