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NWP area railroad news
Saturday 24 Apr 2010, 08:46
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Experts talk transportation and safety at Humboldt Bay Symposium

Allan Hemphill, of the North Coast Railroad Authority, spoke about the restoration work being done on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad system. Restoration work is currently being done on the Russian River division, but when the authority gets more funding, its attention will be directed toward restoring tracks through Willits, the Humboldt Bay short line and the Eel River division, Hemphill said.

SMART ready to find rail cars for Sonoma to Marin route

The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit agency today is expected to authorize seeking proposals from manufacturers for its rail cars, the centerpiece of its 70-mile commute line that is scheduled to begin running in four years.

The agency is planning to buy 18 cars that will run in sets of two, with the ability to have a third car in place to meet times of higher demand.

The cars are expected to cost $80 million to $90 million and will be the face of the Cloverdale-Larkspur commute line.

Sonoma County meetings offer first look at SMART station designs

Preliminary designs for commute rail stations will be unveiled over the next few weeks by the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit agency.

The designs, however, will deal mostly with the layout — how to fit a 300-foot long, 48-inch high boarding platform into the station site — and less with the architectural elements, which could come later.

Not NWP area news: OneRail Coalition sends letter to Senators.

As the Senate considers far-reaching climate change legislation, the OneRail
Coalition respectfully urges you to ensure the rail sector is in a position to maximize its
contribution to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Clean transportation
solutions are an essential part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions. Therefore, any climate change legislation which contemplates raising funds
from the transportation sector must carefully weigh the implications of such a policy on
the different transportation modes, and at a minimum ensure that such funds could not
be misallocated to the detriment of sustainable, environmentally favorable and energy
efficient transportation solutions.
The OneRail Coalition believes that shifting miles of travel to rail is essential to
accomplishing the nation’s climate and energy independence goals. According to the
most recent U.S. Department of Energy Transportation Energy Data Book, Amtrak is on
average nineteen percent more energy efficient per passenger mile than commercial
airlines and twenty-eight percent more efficient than automobiles. Moreover, freight
trains are on average at least four times more fuel efficient than trucks, and each tonmile
moved by rail rather than highway reduces greenhouse gas emissions by three quarters
or more.

For these reasons, additional investments in clean transportation
infrastructure would create jobs, cut transportation costs for consumers, and
help meet our energy and climate goals.
Our nation’s future requires policies that reduce oil consumption and GHG
emissions. Augmenting investment in the U.S. freight rail network, in high-speed and
intercity passenger rail, and in commuter rail infrastructure can help accomplish these

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