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Spot the Neal Latt blight
Sunday 4 Apr 2010, 10:42
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I’ll give you a hint, it should of fell down in the earthquake, if you believe everything Neal Latt says.



I’m guessing the cell tower at that church on Harris Street. Can’t see it well but it’s in the distance (I think).

Comment by Fred Mangels

I’d be happier if the thing wasn’t so god-awful ugly. McKinleyville has two on the main street that look like smoke stacks.

Comment by AJ

The problem is that they designed the damn thing to look like a church tower, which is totally the wrong approach. A cell tower does not have to be ugly. They just need to hire someone with some design talent.

Sorry Cap, you might have purposely cropped out the tower in this photo, but it stands out like a sore thumb when you pass directly by the church parking lot.

Comment by 707

There was no editing of this photo. Try again?

Comment by capdiamont

I didn’t say you edited it. Take a photo at the parking lot, as you see tower when you drive by on Harris, like everyone traveling from 101 thru town.

Comment by 707

“you might have purposely cropped out the tower in this photo”

Cropping is usually done in editing, no? Thanks for proving my point, that, the blight, in question, blends in with the other stuff, unless it is specifically pointed out.

Comment by capdiamont

Keep it dumb Cap’n, real dumb

Comment by Darwin

With all due respect, this photo does not disprove blight. You shot the photo from too far away to be relevant. Tattered, old concert flyers stapled to telephone poles, unkempt front yards with rusting vehicles, 20-year-old paint peeling from buildings, and so on and so forth all constitute blight, but are inconsequential if viewed from far enough away.

I wouldn’t call the cell tower blight; it’s just ugly. It’s a public embarrassment if it’s meant to accentuate the physical appearance of the church because it clearly looks like a poorly masked cell tower. I don’t live in Eureka, but easily identified the tower on my first drive-by with a passing familiarity with the controversy. “Oh, that must be the tower.”

If I recall correctly, there’s a chain link fence around it, which simply doesn’t exist around a normal church spire. The neighborhood would look better without the masquerade.

Comment by AJ

There is no chain link fence around the tower. Something your not observing, is that you spotted it, because you knew about it. What about people who didn’t know about it, in any, way, shape, or form?

Comment by capdiamont

If I didn’t know about it, I’d wonder why they erected such an ugly spire. And then I’d wonder if it was a cell tower, because I’ve seen numerous photos of cell towers effectively masked to look like objects that fit naturally in a community.

I’ll have to take another look. I distinctly remember a fence, maybe a fence around something else on the property.

Comment by AJ

If your argument is that the tower isn’t blight, why not show a close-up photo of the church and tower? Say, across the street. Or, if your argument is that the tower is earthquake safe, again, that would be better demonstrated by a close-up photo.

Comment by AJ

This is considered progress by the local conservative folks

good lord

Comment by 707

Not really, but it is considered, “the sky is falling” by so called progressives.

Comment by capdiamont

Take out the power poles and then I might worry about the tower.

Comment by Carl

When all the talk was going on, I made a comment about Latt running for office. Now you see Plain Jane talking about him being a great city council member. Others on H prog’y blog talking it up over the last months. Salzmans deal is to create a hero who stands up to the big bad good old boys etc. then use that to convince the koolaid drinks to vote for them.

With all the other crap up and down the street the tower is a minor deal.

Comment by local guy

I can’t even see the church!

Comment by Roberta

Next time shoot the picture from Old Town, then that tacky “bell tower” won’t be visible at all.

Comment by Joel Mielke

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