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Obama Announces Expansion of Offshore Oil and Gas exploration
Wednesday 31 Mar 2010, 01:06
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(CNN) — President Obama unveiled plans Wednesday to open large swaths of U.S. coastal waters in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to oil and natural gas drilling — a move likely to please the energy industry but upset the administration’s environmentalist supporters.

The administration plan would include lifting a 20-year ban on drilling off the Virginia coastline, while putting the clamps on sites such as southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Parts of the Arctic Ocean off Alaska’s North Slope, however, could be accessed.

The plan authorizes the Interior Department to conduct seismic surveys off the south- and mid-Atlantic coasts to “determine the quantity and location of potential oil and gas resources to support energy planning,” according to a statement from a White House official.

Roughly two-thirds of available oil and gas resources in the eastern Gulf of Mexico would be opened to drilling if a congressional moratorium on oil and gas operations in the region is lifted, according to the statement. Drilling would occur over 125 miles off the Florida coast.

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From what I understand, the areas opened up are not areas that have the biggest reserves (that we are aware of). It seems (if that is true) that Obama should have let drilling begin in areas where the biggest reserves are or believed to be. That would have made more sense.

Comment by Joshua Woods

It was just amusing to me, how people voted for Obama for change, yet so many things haven’t change. Opening up areas for drilling, would of been considered a Bush thing.

Comment by capdiamont

It is definately a “look at me” thing. He is trying to make it look like he is catering to both sides when he really knows this will do very little or nothing.

Comment by Joshua Woods

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