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Save richardson’s grove Indian opposition is due to deep seated racism
Wednesday 17 Feb 2010, 08:07
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It is amazing. Placing it at a deliberately undersized venue to achieve the all too important packed appearance. Add to this way undersized parking facilities, negatively effecting the neighborhood, and dangerously placing overflow parking on narrow two lane roads on the narrow shoulder.

So on to the nice prayer we were supposed to stand up for to protect the grove as though this project will wipe out the grove. At least she was honest that the Indian opposition is due to their opposition to the “white man” and the distrust of the same. After all “you have to be careful how you nod your head” with these folks. You have to love the deep seated racism. Never mind this project will help all races an genders, but us whities need to be opposed. Her good idea for the grove is speed bumps!

Some of what they are trying to feed people is that STAA trucks are not currently allowed in to Humboldt. That is a lie, STAA are allowed in from the North. Thank Ken Miller for that. Note, while trying to correct this, I was labeled rude. However any supporting comments offered up in same manner is ok.

Reasons given to oppose it, Marina Center, so 101 can’t be used for STAA thoroughfare traffic to say other rural communities, that the STAA truck might tip over more often, that STAA might cause more accidents, that srg’s incomplete data is good FUD, percy’s small amount of responses to the grove without checking responses from Garberville means more accidents need to happen to be considered, possible increased military traffic, possible LNG trucks, that Caltrans likes congestion in Eureka so citizens there will clamor for a bypass using waterfront drive.

It was recommend here that every time someone sees an STAA truck in Humboldt county to call CHP so that they start to enforce their little buffer world.



Cap said: “Never mind this project will help all races an genders, but us whities need to be opposed.”

This is really hateful Cap. Now we know where you stand on racism.

Comment by Jeff Musgrave

Umm yeah, I oppose racism. The reason of bringing to the forefront the racist remark by one of the panelist. Nice to know, you will let that slide.

Comment by capdiamont

To further, it is called sarcasm.

Comment by capdiamont

I am deeply saddened by your take on this forum. All of this name calling and racism on your part is not going to make forward progress, and your interpretation might be a bad case of miscommunication. I was at the forum on the 17th and recognized when you wanted to make your comment. You stood up in the middle of a presentation and tried to interrupt the speaker. There was a specific process put into place for the forum for people who wanted to comment, ask questions, and speak their mind which was to write them down and speak once the presentations were finished. Though there was a time issue where the public speaking wasn’t opened up until 9 instead of 7:30, but I feel that the response you got from the crowd had nothing to do with whether you were for or against the project, it only had to do with respect for the panel and for the rest of the people who had something to say but were waiting their turn. I also believe that Ken Miller immediately responded to your comment and agreed that STAA trucks are allowed from the north, but his point was that they are not allowed through the SOUTHERN entrance to Humboldt County. If you want people to listen to you and your position then you must not let your emotions get in the way of your words, we need to come together as a community no matter what we think about the project and come up with a compromise.

Comment by Mia Wapner

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