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Monday 15 Feb 2010, 12:31
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The speeder passenger trailer was sandblasted. We figured out that our compressor was giving too much volume of air to our sandblaster. After we got it dialed in, it worked well.

Electrical work continued on the bolier shop. We now have a few lights controled by a switch. While that may not sound like much, understand this is new wiring with new conduit. The old stuff is removed due to age, water damage from leaking roofs, and damage from theifs.

The mow mower is going better than expected. Having a skilled machinist able to work on the project in his own shop, greatly accelerated the project. The project is to take a riding lawn mower, and put it on railroad wheels so we can mow the track with reduced manpower. We tested it on the passenger car track at the shop, which went well. However on pavement mode it snaped the drive shaft coupling on the way to the NWP crossing to where we could put it on the track there. I’m bummed about that. We can replace the coupling with two sprokets connected by a double chain.

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