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Museum opens doors to redheads | |
Monday 15 Feb 2010, 10:37
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Redheads got a little extra love on Valentine’s Day at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.

All redheads were admitted free to the museum Sunday, thanks to its annual tradition of paying homage to Charlie Brown’s unrequited love for a little red-haired girl.

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Aww shucks. The redheads finally get some love.

Comment by Kym

Go figure huh? They might have it next year. I’m not sure but the top part of my son’s hair seems to be read, yet the side seems to be brown.

Comment by capdiamont

You’ve probably got another 6 months before you can be sure (but, seeing as how I have 3 of my own) I’m rooting for red.

Comment by Kym

Seems to be the same with eye color. One of the guys(red head) I worked with, was why does always have to be a read-headed step child?

Comment by capdiamont

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