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One month
Sunday 17 Jan 2010, 11:16
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One month in, so far he has survived all my attempts at feeding, diaper changes, and baths. I think the best comedian on the subject is Bill Cosby. Like him we took classes beforehand. Normal birthing class was mostly unused. Shoving him back up was never meantioned. I also think they should of taught the nurse not to move if caught under the steril dressing. She was wacked on the head. My wife under general ansteisa wasn’t supposed to be moving. Then again, nothing in that area is supposed to scream either.

As part of class, we watched the happiest baby on the block. The idea is kids need a safe, secure feeling like they are in a forth trimester. So you are supposed to swaddle them. Which means to tightly bound his arms so they don’t move, causing him to startle himself awake. This technique used to work for sleep time. Now he won’t sleep if you do it. Like a cat, he wants long periods of attention, and other similar master/slave relationship. He has a sassy cry and short temper. Prior to the birth, we said he won’t sleep in our bed with us. Last four nights he started in his bed, only to end up in her arms by morning. In short idealism has ended, reality is here.

It used to be I could come home, surf the web, and do some blogging. Now I come home, might have sometime to myself before it is my turn. If so then I can use the laptop. Otherwise my activies are limited to what I can do with one hand, if he will allow that much attention to be diverted away from him. It is amazing how much one can do with one hand, and with a baby in the other hand. Thus my heavy dependance on my iPod touch when at home.

I know it has been often said that people have to see or touch pregnant bellies and babies. It is so true! Complete strangers will come up to us. It even shuts down offices. I figure he is my ultimate weapon, just bring him to NCJ on a Monday and watch deadlines fly by. Missed deadlines, missed putting the paper out, ….



Sounds dangerous!

Er, yeah — Monday. Come on a Monday!

Comment by Hank Sims

Dang your quick, do you sleep at all? I bearly had time to try and put him to bed, fix a bottle, and feed a little! Sensitive little thing. Didn’t even hit the bed before he woke up. Well off for the 2nd try.

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Comment by capdiamont

You evoked the sleepless time so well. My friends used to call me “REM Deprived One.” Enjoy having him sleep with you though. A) he’s asleep, therefor you can sleep B) Snuggling with a little sleeper builds the best love bonds ever! Makes me hungry for my little guy to crawl into bed with us.

Comment by Kym

love it now because it changes so quickly, I remember all that stuff, I would come home from work and get baby Tess handed to me, seemed somebody had to hold her all the time, and my wife wanted a break and to make dinner so I was the baby tender.
I didn’t mind at all
we often got in a short nap before dinner and there was no way you could slip out from under her without waking her up. she will be 18 this November and it seems just like yesterday we brought her home, love it now because it changes so quickly

Comment by Big Al

Sounds almost like a mirror, there Al. Problem is I have to mix schedules stuff like Work, with almost random schedule of the little tike.

Comment by capdiamont

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