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Laptop charger died & Dell fail
Monday 21 Dec 2009, 10:01
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Laptop charger died. Out of warrenty of course. 19.5 volts DC. I could of got here locally if it was 19 or 20 or other whole voltage selections for about 90 bucks. It uses low voltage CPU, why do we need 19.5v?

Why can’t we have laptops with input of 12 – 48v nominal volts DC and a standarized plug?

So failing to have a good local supply, I called Dell up to order the charger and screws. The screws are the tiny ones on the front bottom side that hold it together. They fell out. Usually they are Locktited in, so they can’t come loose. I ordered four screws. They said they come in packs of ten. Ok, no problem.

Until today. I received two screws within a tiny plastic bag, within a large padded enevelope. Why a large padded enevelope for two tiny screws?why not So I wasted 105 min, 11 sec today to get the missing screws. I lost the connection after many people and departments.



I used to work for Dell doing support. Their service has declined since they outsourced to Kalispel Montana and to India. Baharan, if I remember right. Best way to get things resolved is to ask to speak with a manager.

Comment by Rambo has 19.5v Dell chargers for $9.75

Comment by Mr. Nice

Figures. Wish I would of known. I got the charger back. All seems to be well.

Comment by capdiamont

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