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McKinleyville 2009 lights
Wednesday 16 Dec 2009, 07:46
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There is a well done house coming in the southern entrance.

Aspen ct gas a good number of lights.

Cottonwood Ave has a few.

The area around Silverado ave has a good show.

Underwood ct has a few.

Gasaway has a few at the end.

Ocean West modular home park always has a good showing. This year is no different. This is one of my favorite places to go see lights. It just amazing how

Nelson way has a few.

What is with McKinleyville naming these small side streets as avenues?

Red Ave has a few in the ct.

Too bad we can’t have UPS with a GPS enabled Twitter button to mark where the lights are.

Theil ave has a few. Kirkwood ct has a good amount.

I’ve decided I don’t like Elvis singing Christmas songs.

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