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Recycled Toliet Paper
Thursday 3 Dec 2009, 12:12
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Well, this true story, flashed back in to my mind after reading Ernie’s post on Paper Politics. I love his stories.

So, when I was younger on a family trip to, or from visiting relatives and friends in Ocean City, WA. The time was during the winter, heavy rains, and flooding in the lowlands. We stopped along the way at a friends house. I like to explore, even in the rain that was happening. I had walked down to the highway, noticed bunches of white, wadded up paper along the stream. With a bit of brown on them. On the way back I met the adult male friend we were visiting. So we followed the crappy trail up to the only other neighbor along the stream. So our friend talked to the female of the household, about the tp that went down the stream. She said, “It can’t be ours. We recycle our toilet paper.”

No I don’t know about if anything happened to them.



At least they use recycled tp versus forest rape tp. but yes keep it aaway from the stream at all cost.

Comment by mike

They didn’t use recycled TP, they recycled their own TP, or so she said. The evidence of white TP along the stream, said otherwise.

Comment by capdiamont

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