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Tuesday 1 Dec 2009, 11:13
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Well time is going by quickly towards the due date. Learned infant/toddler CPR, and how to remove objects stuck in the throat. Interesting enough, they don’t do the finger sweep anymore. The finger sweep, tended to push objects down, instead of removing them. We also practiced swaddling, a method of quickly calming them down, and saving your sanity. Not it won’t be mostly lost anyways, but every little bit helps.

The baby is currently breached position, which means if he stays that way, it will be a c-section. There is ways of turning him, but he could continue his ornery streak and turn back around.

The water plants are in for the season. Two of the cats love playing in the baby’s room. The goat, and sheep like to push as hard as they can, to get in to the garden. I’ve learned from them, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.



Your mention of “objects stuck in throat” reminded me of a lesson I learned in my early parenting days (long ago, my boy is now 25). Bananas are popular as a first food for babies (when the time comes) but they have an inherent problem: an unchewed bite of banana is around the same size as a baby’s windpipe and can cause choking, even asphyxiation. Learning the baby Heimlich is recommended, but there’s an easy fix for the banana problem: Peel the fruit and look at it, you’ll see that it’s actually in three connected sections. Simply push your finger down the middle starting at the tip and is breaks into three long thin pieces, which are much easier for your baby to swallow. Grapes are another potential problem — they should be cut in two.

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Thank you for the tip. We got the fruit bag pacifier thingy. Hopefully it works good.

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