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HB Harbor District to manage Humboldt railroad?
Wednesday 25 Nov 2009, 08:55
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This weeks North Coast Journal, Hank Sims has an article on harbor commissioner Pat Higgins wanting to transfer the management of the Humboldt part of the railroad to the district. Due to the large sum of $175,000 the NCRA owes the district. Unfortunately, you have to wait until Thursday to read it online.

I’m not sure how they can manage it, when, they are hurting for cash also. That is a question, Hank fails to ask, or answer.

Another question, is “With that section closed, the justification for the authority” is stated, but never seems to be finished. What was it’s closing of that sentence? That “With that section closed, the justification for the authority is to get the Humboldt short line going ASAP?”

Maybe, “With that section closed, the justification for the authority to sue the state of California, for not providing enough funds, to operate, on something other than a shoestring budget. Thus ensuring the failure of the railroad to keep up the maintenance, preventing a high cost of return?”

The thing is Higgins seems to infer that the NCRA and NWP aren’t working with THA, and trails. To what I’ve seen NCRA, and NWP have been very helpful to THA.

My other issue with NCJ is the failure to print my election letter supporting Dan and Richard.



Yeah, they accidentally cut off a couple of words in production. You’ll see them tomorrow.

We don’t, and didn’t, print any endorsement letters.

Comment by Hank Sims

The article is up. Very well written Hank-

Comment by Anonymous

It still fails to put in those two words.

Comment by capdiamont

Damn, it sure does.

Let’s say it says something like “… the justification for the authority’s proposed freight operations in Humboldt County is much weaker.”

Comment by Hank Sims

How hard is it to change the online part? It still is not fixed one week later.

Comment by capdiamont

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