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THA track clearing and speeder run today with video
Sunday 22 Nov 2009, 10:53
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We made it to Bracut with the clearing. It would be of the type the Army would call a hasty clearing. As long as the speeder was able to pass, it was called good. This is why in the areas we cleared, it doesn’t look to our usual standards, and brush can be seen on the right of way. Trimmed the trees in the southern part of Bracutt, and whatever got in our way after that. Even got the speeder down with the northern part of the equilipis trees. We didn’t quite make it to the Redwood Lumber company site due to time. Not one negative reaction to what we were doing. Plenty of smiles, and friendly honks both in the marsh area, and along highway 101. No problems with the partly washed out areas, and that vindicates what I have said. We even hauled one of our member’s bicycles.

I also took video, but that will be a little while. iMovie is trying to stabilize my video now.

The whole point of this work, is tomorrow the trails group for Arcata to Bracutt, wanted to film both from the air, and from the speeder. This seems to be part of planning.

Also I would like to apologize to the city of Arcata, for my forgetting to thank them in my last post for all they work they have done to keep the rails clear. True, it is because they want trails, but that greatly helped our efforts to get to Bracutt. The other thing that helped is the billboard company’s effort to keep their view clean.

Update: video of return trip to Arcata here.

The day prior’s day clean up on this section of line.



If we can get a tourist train going, how far into Eureka will it go? Is there a place where it can park for an hour or so, while people shop or what ever before it returns north?

Comment by Hum Depot

It was great watching the speeder going do the tracks on the video!

Comment by Shawn

Traditional place for the modern tourist train on the NWP was to stop in downtown Eureka. After people were unloaded the train then moved in to the yard, then either moved around the balloon track, or moved the locomotive around the train using the siding. The Marina Center plans include enough land, for a siding. Usually during the 4th of July there was a few runs during the day, between Eureka, and Arcata. People could get off, enjoy their time, and get on another run back to the other city. I think we ran every hour during those 4th of July runs.

I don’t remember off hand how exactly the tourist train will go. One complication, is you can end up having a rush of people wanting to get on the last run, and not enough seats to accommodate them.

Comment by capdiamont

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